Funders File, Summer 2022 Edition

Our Summer 2022 edition of Funders File, a publication of special programs in our community that are in need of support, is listed below!

We have a long list of nonprofit agencies - our custodial partners - that invest their assets with the Foundation and this is their opportunity to share their most urgent needs and/or transformative programs.

It’s this reason we created Funders File. A “sounding board” for our partners wanting to promote their programs to a community who is always engaged and eager to help. Whether it’s supporting mental health, women and children in need, security, or even enriching opportunities as simple as Passover on a campus, it takes the hands of many to make a difference. Submissions to Funders File are voluntary and offer a glimpse to a variety of needs in our community.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been our priority, and we are pleased to continue bringing to your attention to worthwhile initiatives in the community. If you are a fundholder please use your traditional method of recommending grants to support these efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact Mona Allen at

*Submissions are posted without edits.


Program: Ukrainian Relief for Refugees and Olim in Israel
Amount Requested: $5k -$30k

"Jewish National Fund-USA is providing emergency relief and rescue aid programs for Ukrainian refugees through our affiliates in Israel.
We are supporting the mobilizing of support to help Ukrainians whose lives have been upended during this unprovoked war. Ukraine is home to one of the world's largest Jewish communities and its historical and spiritual roots run deep. An estimated 200,000 Ukrainians qualify for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.
Our overall national Ukrainian relief campaign is supporting humanitarian assistance on the borders, evacuation buses out of Ukraine, and helping new immigrants to Israel once they arrive:
$5,000: Provides care packages for 100 mothers and small children, including diapers, hygiene products, small toys, and snacks through MAKOM.
$5,000: To support one Ukrainian family for six-months upon arrival in Israel, including basic supplies, meals, group activities, and after-school enrichment provided by MAKOM.
$10,000: To sponsor a MAKOM Support Team on one of the Ukrainian borders providing humanitarian assistance.
$10,000: Provides outdoor after school enrichment programs for 25 school children through our affiliate Green Horizons, Israel’s leading youth movement.
$18,000: Supports a week of programming and assistance for up to 100 kids at Camp Nes Harim located outside of Jerusalem.
$25,000: Provides 25 refugees with two months of job counseling and placement services for Ukrainian Olim through Jewish National Fund-USA’s Ronald S. Lauder Employment Center.
$30,000. This will sponsor one bus funding evacuation buses going from Ukraine to Poland and ultimately to Israel through our affiliate Nefesh B’ Nefesh."


Program: Jewish Learning Fellowship
Amount Requested: $5,000

"We would like to offer the Jewish Learning Fellowship program to fifteen students this fall semester at SMU. This program has been run by Hilles on campuses around the country for over ten years and has been truly transformational to the students and campus communities. Students meet weekly for ten sessions of learning, as well as to build Jewish identity, inspire meaningful friendships and a relationship with the campus rabbi. If they attend at least eight of the sessions, they receive a stipend of $200.
Each session includes dinner. We ran this program for the first time this spring and it was very successful. We are hoping to find a grant to help us offer this again. Thank you for your consideration!"


Program: Tuition Assistance for Families in Need
Amount Requested: $4,000

"Torah Day School of Dallas is one of the fastest-growing Jewish day schools in this part of the country. There are now more than 400 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through Eighth with more than 85% of families receiving some sort of tuition assistance. $4,000 covers the average gap between what a family can pay in tuition per child and the actual cost for that student to attend. Tuition at TDSD is as affordable as possible for the hard-working families committed to providing a traditional Jewish education for their children and is significantly lower than peer Jewish day schools or private schools in the area.

$4,000 sponsors tuition assistance for one of the more than 150 families receiving some level of tuition support. There is no limit to the number of sponsorships available at this time. The need of the community is greater than our capacity to raise the funds. If you care about Jewish continuity, please consider supporting the families of Torah Day School of Dallas. TDSD instills in children a lifelong passion for learning, in a warm and nurturing community, steeped in Jewish traditions and Torah values."


Program: Burial - Not Cremation
Amount Requested: $36,000

"The Chevra is Dallas' orthodox burial society, but cares for Jews regardless of affiliation, and serves funeral homes across North Texas. Unfortunately, increasingly in recent years, economics have dictated the choice of cremation over burial. Abraham's caring for Sarah established a fundamental Jewish principle: that burial preserves the dignity of the deceased. The Chevra is establishing a fund to be able to assist families in an emotionally and financially challenging time. The Chevra plans to supplement what a family would pay for a cremation, and pay the difference between cremation and burial. Additionally, the Chevra's burial fund would be able to front funeral costs until an insurance reimbursement is received.

The Chevra's goal is to eliminate the economic barrier to burial, so that all Jews can emulate our forefather Abraham's example."


Program: Passover University
Amount Requested: $5,000

"Passover University is a one day immersive learning experience focused on preparations for the celebration of the Festival of Passover. Replicating a one-day university it provides a variety of courses aimed at a multigenerational audience. The program begins with commencement to build community and enthusiasm for the day of learning and ends with a graduation celebration.

The Pew Study of 2016 confirms that Passover is still the most celebrated festival with 93% of Jews participating in a Seder regardless of denomination or affiliation. The goal is to leverage that commitment and turn it into inspiration for personally enriching the holiday experience.

We offered this program for this first time this year with great success! We provided over 20 courses from crafts and cooking, to deep text study - from music and decorating the Seder table to creating your own haggadah. We had nearly 200 participants from across the Dallas Jewish community from ages 6 months-86!

100% of participants said that while participating they felt a sense of community.
100% of participants shared something new they learned to enhance their Seder.
100% of participants said they plan to attend again next year!

We are eager to grow this program in 5783 by engaging additional congregational partners and community participants. Our goal is to again empower participants to fulfill the ideal of the haggadah that anyone who elaborates or deepens the Seder experience, haray zeh mishubach - they are deserving of blessing."


Program: Children's Mental Health (CMH) Program
Amount Requested: $25,000.00

"JFS delivers individualized mental health support to approximately 1,600 children ages 2-18 and their guardians per year through the CMH Program. Access to efficient, effective, and affordable mental health services continues to be greatly needed yet remains one of North Texas’s most scarce resources. JFS works to address the unmet mental health needs of economically-disadvantaged children in the region by providing expert-led services designed to help them overcome the obstacles actively hindering their mental and emotional development. The services provided through the CMH Program include crisis intervention, trauma counseling, psychiatry, family violence intervention, individual, couples, and family counseling, play therapy, group therapy, case management, addiction intervention, and diagnostic assessment.

JFS believes that every child deserves a healthy and emotionally stable foundation upon which they can pursue their dreams, regardless of their socio-economic background. Towards that end, the CMH Program works to equip impoverished North Texas children and young adults with the coping mechanisms and skills they need to confront the mental health issues impacting their lives head on. By offering the services available through the program to historically underserved communities, JFS intends to address the inequalities that persist in the region in a manner that improves the accessibility of quality mental health care for impoverished children and their and families. The ideal resulting impact of these efforts is that the CMH program’s participants are better able to understand their mental and emotional needs and act accordingly when pursuing personal growth and success throughout their lives."


Program: STEM: Robotics Program & Dinosaur Traveling Museum
Amount Requested: $14,000

"Here are Levine Academy, we pride ourselves on the incredible academic programs we offer. Our STEM program has grown so much over the last few years and the programs that we offer are top-notch. Next year, we hope to improve our program with two additions. First, we would like to upgrade our robotics equipment to Gen Z. We feel it is time to get the newest upgraded equipment for our students to learn and improve their skills. Second, we have found an amazing traveling dinosaur museum that is like no other. We would like to bring this museum to our school next year for all ages to learn about dinosaurs, their bones, various types of dinosaurs, and right here at school without the need to travel anywhere! We believe that with these two additional programs next year we can move our STEM program forward to the next level."


Program: No Interest Higher Education (Student) Loans
Amount Requested: $4,000.00

"The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) is the only organization in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Erath, Fannin, Grayson, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Montague, Palo Pinto, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell and Wise Counties, and any other county inclusive of Wichita Falls, Texarkana, Tyler, Waco and Longview, Texas that provides interest-free loans to members of the Jewish community, helping people navigate economic challenges and pursue dreams.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Center for Education Statistics, college costs increased 169% between 1980 and 2019—while earnings for workers ages 22-27 increased just 19%. CNBC reported in November 2021 that typical college costs (including tuition, room and board, and other expenses) range from $27,330 for public in-state university students to $55,800 for private university students. A 2021 Georgetown University report states, “Postsecondary education policy has failed to keep higher education affordable even as formal education beyond high school has become more essential.”

Scholarships and grants don’t fully cover college expenses requiring students to take on interest-accruing debt. DHFLA’s interest-free loans help students close the gap between tuition and scholarships, reducing the amount of interest-accruing debt that they need to take. Students can borrow $4,000 per semester interest-free.

Student loan inquiries peak in the summer. DHFLA anticipates an increase in applications due to inflation.

Gifts can be designated for higher education loans. Contributions make college more affordable for Jewish students.

We appreciate the support of DJCF fundholders who are inspired to help DHFLA provide affordable financial assistance to Jewish students. "


Program: Building Renovation Project
Amount Requested: $1,800

"You are reading this because you care about the Dallas Jewish community. Please donate to the Mikvah Israel Dallas Building Renovation today. Your gift will give families of our community the mikvah they so richly deserve. You see, our mikvah is in dire need of an upgrade. The Dallas women's mikvah hasn't undergone a significant renovation since its inception more than 25 years ago! And annual membership and usage fees don't come close to covering the cost of a renovation. Your donation will go directly to remodeling the six preparation rooms as well as making the kaylim mikvah more user-friendly.
When you donate to Mikvah Israel, you unite Jewish families throughout Dallas. No matter one's background, no matter one's level of observance, Mikvah Israel Dallas will be available to all women who seek its purity...all thanks to your generosity.
When you donate, you write the next chapter of this mikvah's 25-year history.
When you donate, you seize a sacred opportunity. You create a beautiful space. You perform an act of chesed that will echo for generations to come.
Thank you!!"


Program: JTribe Student to Student Peer Engagement
Amount Requested: $20,000 but any support helps!

"JTribe Student to Student Engagement is taking off WITH YOUR HELP!

Many Jewish students at UT and surrounding universities are unaffiliated, not interested or disconnected from Jewish life. They are not being reached by any of the Jewish programming in and around campus. How do we get to connect to Jewish communal life?

This huge void needs to be filled. JTRIBE is a grassroots movement of diverse Jewish students who come together for social events, social action, Jewish education, cultural awareness and mentoring events: a unique mix of peer-to-peer Jewish programming, mentorship, community service, leadership development and social fun.

JTribe sets up a road to discovery, connecting to their Jewish roots and heritage and building strong relationships with the Jewish community which will continue after graduation. Jewish social and cultural events are run by the students: speakers, music, socializing, Shabbat and holidays. Friends reach out to friends and acquaintances and are engaging them in Jewish programming. Close-knit networks are built in a social setting. JTribe’s program empowers our lead interns to engage fellow Jewish students on a peer-to-peer level.

The program works by creating organic social networks based on shared identity and social values. Social and educational Jewish activities are planned outside of our center, on campus and the surrounding environs.

An increase in anti-Semitism and a decrease in student participation makes it imperative to reach out and engage young Jews on campus.

The JTribe program makes the difference! YOU make the difference!"


Program: Dallas Scholarships for Jewish Summer Camp
Amount Requested: 18,000

"JCRS is seeking additional funding from the Dallas community to provide needs-based financial scholarships for Jewish youth to experience the joys and independence of Jewish sleep-away summer camp. This summer (2022), JCRS has received over 75 applications for camp aid from the Dallas area alone. Most of these applications are to attend URJ Greene Family Camp and CYJ Texas. In total across our seven-state service region, JCRS has received over 430 applications (65% from Texas), compared to 335 last summer. The need for camp aid is real and JCRS needs your support to help these children attend camp.

A grant of $18,000 would allow for additional funding for Dallas area youth to attend Jewish sleep-away camp now and in the future.

At JCRS, we recognize the value of Jewish sleep-away camp as a unique opportunity for fun, personal growth, and Jewish identity-building. Jewish sleep-away camp allows children to enjoy new social activities and learning in a special environment that nurtures Jewish identity. JCRS believes all interested children should have this opportunity, but we recognize that for many families the high cost of overnight camp is prohibitive. In 2021, JCRS provided partial scholarship funding for over 334 children to attend Jewish camp. The average award amount of these scholarships is $700 and varies in accordance with the financial circumstances of the child and family.

For more information about our programs and services, visit, call Mark Rubin at (800)729-5277, or email"


Program: College Mental Well-Being Initiative
Amount Requested: $6,000

"At present, our mental well-being initiative has grown exponentially across our congregation. We have moved from a response-oriented model to a proactive model, by integrating mental well-being programming into the fabric of our community. Treating mental wellbeing in the same way that we treat physical wellbeing is a critical step.

One of the key constituencies experiencing mental health challenges is our college-age cohort. These young adults and their parents have demonstrated incredible resilience over the past years. The pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to rethink how we connect with our college students. We want to help this cohort focus on positive mental well-being and remind them that Judaism remains a source of strength and comfort to them as they navigate becoming adults.

We propose a new kind of care package connected with college student emails containing a door-dash gift card to provide an unexpected treat, an online document highlighting age appropriate mental-health resources, including Jewish-focused resources, and a curated Spotify playlist featuring calming music, meditation inspiration, and Jewish artists. Part of the grant funds a high school or college summer intern to create the resources and gather college student email addresses. A key benefit of this initiative will be the connections created between Temple staff and both college students and their parents.

When we lay the foundation for positive mental well-being by engaging different constituencies across the congregation, the opportunity to educate our community within the context of our Jewish values becomes a reality."


Program: Special Needs Programming and Staff
Amount Requested:

"Community trends show an increase in children diagnosed with special needs and an increase in the number of children taking medications for their diagnosis, in addition to mental health struggles at times due to limited social interaction and stressors in the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges for our agency include finding appropriate staffing and training to meet the needs of our families enrolled in our early childhood program. In the past, we were able to have two part-time social workers (20 hours per week) work with children on their challenges and struggles. At this time, we are requesting funding to hire a full-time special education teacher, who can interact with children enrolled in our programming during the school year and summer camp. The impact of this individual will last a lifetime.

For more information, contact Tara Ohayon, Director of Early Childhood Education at (214) 239-7157 or email"


Program: Jewish Life
Amount Requested:

"The Legacy Senior Communities Jewish Life program is a dynamic component of daily living at both Legacy Midtown Park and Legacy Willow Bend. The program includes the Director of Rabbinical Services and Pastoral Care position that provides Shabbat services, High Holy Days services, Torah studies, Jewish educational lunch n’ learns, one-on-one pastoral support, and ongoing Jewish education for staff. Since this position was created three years ago, it has quickly become a much needed and highly utilized resource for residents, families, and staff. The role was a critical asset during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director quickly became integrated in our communities by serving in ways not specified in the original job description (i.e. performing a baby naming, performing Jewish funerals, performing an inter-faith memorial service, and serving as an inter-faith guest panelist).

Such requests demonstrate the desire of residents, families, and staff to have a spiritual resource easily available.

A new endeavor The Legacy launched is a Kosher dining program at The Legacy Midtown Park. This was an important service The Legacy wanted to provide to demonstrate our commitment to the entire Jewish community. In October 2021, The Legacy Midtown Park opened its kosher kitchens, alongside a certified chef and mashgiach (kosher supervisor) under the auspices of Dallas Kosher.

Jewish culture and values is one of four core values of The Legacy; we celebrate and incorporate it into our residents' and patients’ daily living. Our culture and services distinguish The Legacy experience from all other senior living communities in Dallas."

Submissions to Funders File are posted without edits.

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