Funders File, Summer 2021 Edition

Our summer 2021 edition of Funders File, a publication of special programs in our community which are in need of support, is listed below!

We have a long list of nonprofit agencies - our custodial partners - that invest their assets with the Foundation and this is their opportunity to share their most urgent needs and/or transformative programs.

It’s this reason we created Funders File. A “sounding board” for our partners wanting to promote their programs to a community who is always engaged and eager to help. Whether it’s supporting mental health, women and children in need, security, or even enriching opportunities as simple as Passover on a campus, it takes the hands of many to make a difference. Submissions to Funders File are voluntary and offer a glimpse to a variety of needs in our community.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been our priority, and we are pleased to continue bringing to your attention to worthwhile initiatives in the community. If you are a fundholder please use your traditional method of recommending grants to support these efforts.
If you have any questions, please contact Chay John at

*Submissions are posted without edits.


Program: Burial - Not Cremation
Amount Requested: $36,000

The Chevra is Dallas' orthodox burial society, but cares for Jews regardless of affiliation, and serves funeral homes across North Texas.

Unfortunately, increasingly in recent years, economics have dictated the choice of cremation over burial. Abraham's caring for Sarah established a fundamental Jewish principle: that burial preserves the dignity of the deceased. The Chevra is establishing a fund to be able to assist families in an emotionally and financially challenging time. The Chevra plans to supplement what a family would pay for a cremation, and pay the difference between cremation and burial. Additionally, the Chevra's burial fund would be able to front funeral costs until an insurance reimbursement is received.

The Chevra's goal is to eliminate the economic barrier to burial, so that all Jews can emulate our forefather Abraham's example.



Program: In-Home Training Program
Amount Requested: $50,000

Guide Dogs for the Blind is asking for support to help us continue to serve clients during the pandemic with our In-Home Training Program.

Due to quarantine and travel restrictions, many of our clients are opting to be trained in their own homes, rather than come to one of our two campuses for guide dog training. Over the past year, we have experienced an increased and unprecedented demand for our In-Home Training Program.

We offer the In-Home Training Program as an alternative to our on-site training offered at our two campuses. This program was designed for clients with special circumstances that prohibit them from traveling and being away from home for the two-week class training period.

Guide Dogs for the Blind has been offering the In-Home Training Program for more than 25 years. It is an essential program that has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Training is the single-most expensive component in creating a safe guide dog team. Because of the extra resources involved, the program has become especially costly due to the increased demand.

A donation for the In-Home Training Program be used immediately to ensure clients in all 50 states receive the guide dog training they need. We appreciate your consideration of this request to support this urgent need.




Program: Strengthen BBYO program infrastructure
Amount Requested: $25,000

BBYO has a long standing and far reaching impact on the lives of Dallas teens. Graduates of AZA and BBG go on to serve important leadership roles in our community – many of our Dallas agencies have their Board of Directors filled with BBYO alumni. For so many young people, BBYO is the place where they embrace a connection to our Jewish community, build their confidence, and strengthen their leadership skills as they work to create meaningful Jewish experiences for their peers in North Texas Oklahoma.

(NTO) Region. This work would not be possible without the generous support of community members like you-who help to ensure that BBYO will always be a place where Jewish teens learn, thrive, and grow.

Now, as we prepare to transition to the other side of the pandemic, we are facing record-breaking demand for BBYO programming. More teens than ever are turning to BBYO for connection, community, support, and fun. And even as our region faces decreased program revenue and a significant rise in demand, we remain deeply committed to providing affordable and accessible Jewish experiences to all tens. But we need your help to continue engaging and empowering hundreds of Alephs and BBGs across our region. Thank you for your consideration and generosity-and for your profound impact on the lives of NTO teens today.



Program: Angel Fund
Amount Requested: $1,000 minimum gift

The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) is the only organization in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis and Rockwall counties that provides interest-free loans to members of the Jewish community. From loans for adoption and fertility treatments, emergencies and general needs, to healthcare, higher education, Jewish experiences, small business expenses and special needs, DHFLA helps the Greater Dallas Jewish community navigate economic challenges and affordably pursue dreams.

The biggest barrier preventing Jewish community members in need from applying for or qualifying for a loan is not having two qualified guarantors. Potential borrowers either can’t find one guarantor who lives in Greater Dallas or can’t find two qualifying individuals.

To ensure more qualified borrowers receive the assistance they need, DHFLA has established the Angel Fund, a fund that can be used to guarantee loans for worthy applicants in need of one guarantor.

Gifts of $1,000 or more can be designated for the Angel Fund. These contributions will enable DHFLA to make interest-free loans to applicants who need one guarantor to meet application requirements.

We appreciate the support of DJCF fundholders who are inspired to help DHFLA provide affordable financial assistance to the greatest number of North Texas Jewish community members.

*Donors who want their gifts of $1,000 or more to go towards the Angel Fund must designate the Angel Fund on their contribution. Undesignated donations will be directed to our loan programs.



Program: Preschool and Summer Camp Security Improvements
Amount Requested: $10,000

The Aaron Family Jewish Community Center (AFJCC) seeks funding to address necessary security measures to keep our preschool and summer camps safe and secure. Securing our campus remains a top priority. Over the past decade the AFJCC has embarked upon a systematic, layered security approach based on funds available. We installed security cameras, put up partial fencing, added a new guardhouse and entry, and hired security guards and off duty police.

The next necessary steps are completing the installation of security tint around the main building and preschool with preschool having the majority of the security tint, installation of a wall and security access doors to separate the main building from preschool, and the addition of nine (9) closed-circuit television surveillance cameras at “The Lodge,” an outdoor area where our children play and interact with one another during school and summer camp.

Each day thousands enter and exit the AFJCC. With hundreds of programs and meetings, the AFJCC is busy from the moment we open until the time we close.

We have a diverse population where all are welcome regardless of race, age, or religious denomination. We are the heart of the Jewish community and reach more than 50,000 individuals from 13,000 households in the Metroplex.

Securing all of those who enter our campus and limiting access to our children is our highest priority.

For more information, call Adam Olivares, JCC Chief Director of Facilities at (214) 239-7178 or email




Program: Makom: Food Relief Program
Amount Requested: $5,000 -$50,000

COVID has created an extremely difficult reality for Israel's people. More than a million people have lost their jobs or have been furloughed since the start of the pandemic and THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES are unable to put food on their tables on a daily basis. Although Israel is out of lockdown, there are still close to 1 million people that have not yet returned to their jobs (mostly small businesses and in the field of tourism) and it is expected that those who are struggling will continue to struggle for a while. Jewish National Fund affiliate, Makom, has successfully distributed over 60,000 food packages since November to individuals and families in need from all ethnic backgrounds in Israel.

MAKOM is working in over 30 community pantries in 45 cities throughout Israel. They’ve mobilized almost 2,000 volunteers helping over 100,000 Israeli Citizens. Food prices in Israel are approximately 3X higher than in the USA, therefore the cost of $40 per box of food covers only the basics and includes: oil, cans of tuna, 2 kinds of pasta, rice, coffee, ketchup, sugar, flour, powdered chocolate milk, tomato sauce, a can of corn, chocolate spread, bread, cornflakes, powdered soup mix, chocolate, potato chips, one type of fruit, 5 different vegetables and one chicken. The average number delivered is 350 food packages a week and the cost is $40 per package, equaling $14,000 a week.



Program:NCJW Greater Dallas
Amount Requested: $5000 - $10,000

This summer, NCJW Greater Dallas is in its 4th year of preparing to provide new uniforms, shoes, and school supplies to students in Grades k-4 who attend four elementary schools in West Dallas. The West Dallas community has one of the highest poverty rates in Dallas, with a child poverty rate approaching 40%. These supplies enable the students of our 4 partner elementary schools to return to school with dignity and prepared for success. Currently we are able to provide these items to 50% of students. We would like to expand our supplies to increase the number of students served, so that every student in the school has what they need to begin the new school year from a place of strength.



Program: Young Jewish Couples Building Expansion Project
Amount Requested: $30,000

Our young community in Richardson is growing!

Multiple families have recently moved in, and we are projecting another 5-7 families by the end of the summer. We have been getting phone calls from across the Metroplex and across the country. Many young Jewish families from the East Coast and West Coast are looking to relocate and have expressed interest in checking out our community.

With all this growth we are running out of space in our small outreach center/Synagogue. We are kickstarting an expansion project to add 600 square feet to our building, which would allow us to double the size of our main sanctuary.

This cost of the expansion is $60,000.

We have secured a loan for $30,000 and are looking for generous sponsors to assist with the remaining $30,000. Sponsorship levels of all sizes are appreciated!

Thank you!



Program: Torah Day School of Dallas
Amount Requested: $7500.00

I would like to start after school programs for our students. Our day ends at 4pm and I feel that the students would gain greatly from extracurricular activities as well as a homework center.

With covid affecting us greatly, our students fell a little behind in their social skills as well as developing interpersonal relationships. I would like to hire a staff member to run these programs.



Program: Engaging DFW Area Israelis to Jewish Community
Amount Requested: $35,000 (one third of the absolute base budget)

The Dallas Community dedicates tremendous resources for all Jewish causes but focus on the Israeli population has lagged behind other projects. Over 5,000 Israelis call the Metroplex home and most are devoid of real Jewish connection or community. Appointing a warm, Hebrew speaking, fun, outreach couple to integrate them into the Jewish community, thereby helping them become Jewishly engaged and remain proud Jews, is an imperative that can wait no longer.

We have identified a young, dynamic American-Israeli couple, with many years’ experience, well-suited for this role. They will run programs for Chagim, Yom Hatzmaut and Yom Hashoah. They will create children’s programming, teach classes in the Israeli’s native tongue, mentor and be friends with Israelis families and singles in Dallas. A relatively small investment for an incredible ROI - a greater commitment to Judaism, the State of Israel, and the Jewish community at large.


Program: : JFS: Jewish Community Support Services
Amount Requested: $25,000

Since 1950, Jewish Family Service (JFS) has provided culturally competent services to the Dallas Jewish Community. These services include:

*Trauma Informed Care for Holocaust Survivors: Through the Older Adults Program, Holocaust survivors receive the trauma-informed care and specialized assistance they need to live safely and independently. The program’s goal is to empower survivors to make decisions about their overall health and wellbeing, confront past traumas, and overcome issues of unresolved grief.

*Chaplaincy: Chaplaincy Services supports unaffiliated Jews in need of rabbinic consultation, encouragement, and religious advice. The Rabbi performs a variety of services, including community presentations, officiating at funerals, conducting prison outreach, end of life planning, and visits to older adults who are homebound, in nursing homes, or hospital patients.

*JFS Food Pantry Kosher Corner: The Kosher Corner is an essential part of the food pantry’s “client choice” model that exists to meet the unmet nutritional needs of Jewish clients who struggle to afford the foods necessary to keep a Kosher diet and celebrate Jewish holidays. JFS is one of the only organizations in North Texas to provide this specialized aid.

*Priya: The Priya Fund supports Dallas Jewish couples who are facing infertility by providing partial grants towards future fertility treatments or adoption. The average fees for fertility treatments, not covered by insurance, can range from $800 to over $12,000, while adoption can cost up to $40,000. Through this fund, JFS’s goal is to help couples fulfill their dream of starting a Jewish family.



Program: Staff Chesed (Kindness) Fund
Amount Requested: $10,000

This year, our board of trustees, lead by Julie & Michael Zimmermann, started the Staff Chesed (Kindness) Fund at Levine Academy. This fund was established in order to allocate funds to show care and appreciation for our teachers and staff. Projects initiated from this fund include staff luncheons, snacks and drinks provided in the break room, rain gear for our carpool staff, and more. These funds are intended for the school administration to perform random acts of kindness for our staff to show how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to their students. This is a perfect way to show support for the most important people who contribute to the education of our students- their teachers.



Program: JTribe Student to Student Engagement is taking off WITH YOUR HELP!
Amount Requested: $20,000 but any support helps!

Many Jewish students at UT and surrounding universities are unaffiliated, not interested or disconnected from Jewish life. They are not being reached by any of the Jewish programming in and around campus. How do we get the unaffiliated, not interested or those estranged from the community to connect to Jewish communal life? This huge void needs to be filled. JTRIBE is a grassroots movement of diverse Jewish students who come together for social events, social action, Jewish education, cultural awareness and mentoring events: a unique mix of peer-to-peer Jewish programming, mentorship, community service, leadership development and social fun. JTribe sets up a road to discovery, connecting to their Jewish roots and heritage and building strong relationships with the Jewish community which will continue after graduation. Jewish social and cultural events are run by the students: speakers, music, socializing, Shabbat and holidays. Friends reach out to friends and acquaintances and are engaging them in Jewish programming. Close-knit networks are built in a social setting. JTribe’s program empowers our lead interns to engage fellow Jewish students on a peer-to-peer level: Many are unaffiliated and on the fringes of the Jewish community and are outside Greek life. The program works by creating organic social networks based on shared identity and social values. Social and educational Jewish activities are planned outside of our center, on campus and the surrounding environs.



Program: Double Your Impact!
Amount Requested: $25,000

Having witnessed how The Legacy staff have responded to historic event after event in the past year, a group of board trustees have stepped-up and addressed the urgent need The Legacy is facing. Carol Aaron, Marion Glazer, Dot Haymann, Amy Korenvaes, Sharon Levin, and Paul Michaels are challenging The Legacy family and community to match their $150,000 to assist in meeting The Legacy’s urgent need goal of $400,000. The Legacy truly needs your support more than ever before.

The Legacy has been hit hard by recent events. We quickly learned that it was going to be expensive to protect our residents and staff against COVID.

Transitioning overnight from a communal senior living campus to socially distanced homes for over 300 residents and a safe workspace for more than

500 staff was not easy financially or logistically. At the same time, our revenue has seen a dramatic reduction. Once we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel with the rollout of COVID vaccines, They Legacy Willow Bend Healthcare Center was severely damaged by the historic winter storm.

Legacy is addressing the budget shortfall through the Paycheck Protection Program and through the generosity of our donors, but we aren’t there yet.

Join the match and double your impact on The Legacy ensuring our residents, clients, and patients have a secure tomorrow. Match funds will offset the additional expenses The Legacy has experienced and are projecting for the remainder of this year due to COVID-19 and the winter storm.



Program: Holocaust Artifact Conservation
Amount Requested: $500 to $2,500

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum’s collection contains more than 14,000 archives, artifacts, and objects. We respectfully request conservation funds to safely preserve objects and use them as educational tools for years to come. Below are examples of objects in need of conservation, and the associated cost.


Badges and Armbands, $2,500

- 20 badges and armbands, including:

- Yellow patch emblazoned with Star of David. "Jude" written across center.

- Armband with purple triangle, Nazi insignia stamp from Buchenwald.

Stamped number "44122".


Kimono, $2,500

- 1930s Kimono acquired by Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, settled in Shanghai Ghetto. Extensive conservation work.


Camp uniform (pants and tunic), $1,500

- The Museum previously conserved nine Holocaust uniforms. This newly donated uniform would undergo a similar process of careful cleaning and preparation for storage.


Five Ketubahs, Paper Conservation, $1,000

- These Ketubahs stand as a record of a Jewish religious marriage for five different refugee families fleeing the Holocaust. Dating 1922 to 1945.


Challah cover, $500

- Red velvet challah cover, circa 1900, embroidered in gold thread, two unknown figures, Star of David, text translates to “Remember the Sabbath Day as holy.”


“Bundles for Britain” knitting bag, circa 1940, $500 Transport Sign of Amelie Marx, $500

- This transport sign is extremely rare and important, including name, date, and address. Circa 1942, was worn while waiting for transport.


These are examples of objects in need of conservation, but a gift of any amount is appreciated as there is always a need for conservation.



Program: Camp Friendship - Summer Camp
Amount Requested: Any Amount

Friendship Circle of Dallas is now in its 4th year of offering an inclusive camp option for those with and without disabilities. Our summer camp and winter camp for 2020 went virtual, however families have expressed interest in a summer camp for the end of this summer. This helps families who either need that extra week when most camps have ended, leave their kids feeling reenergized for the beginning of the school year, and gives teens an opportunity to give back to the community after many have spent time away at camp! The JCC hosts all of our camps and we are fortunate to be able to utilize their pool and instructors. Camp Friendship will include trips, entertainment, and staff. Money which is raised will help ensure that it will not be a financial burden for kids to have an experience of a lifetime.



Program: Technology Expansion
Amount Requested: $10,000

Mesorah High School for Girls is a college preparatory school that instills in each student a love of learning and a deep understanding of her unique role as a Jewish woman.

Last year’s disruption to learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic challenged Mesorah to explore new ways to provide a high-quality academic experience for our students in the absence of being physically together on campus. Through our experiences using the Zoom online platform along with Google Classroom, we discovered many positive opportunities for learning even under normal circumstances.

As the new school year began, we expanded our Blended Learning model of instruction, combining online and face to face instruction, including three subjects currently being taught remotely by teachers in East Texas, Baltimore and Toronto. In addition to providing more content and flexible learning opportunities to our students, we have been able to continue instruction for individual students or teachers who were unable to attend classes regardless of the reason, and for the whole school when in person learning was not possible.

To begin the 2020-2021 school-year we were able to upgrade our technology infrastructure, purchase 8 teacher laptops and four mobile stations which include a large flatscreen TV, camera and supporting hardware on a rolling cart to meet this need.

Looking ahead, we are seeking the funding to complete this project with two more mobile stations which will enable us to fully meet the needs of our students.



Program: DREAM Program - Matching Gift Opportunity for Disaster/COVID Relief
Amount Requested: $10,000

JCRS has created the D.R.E.A.M. Program: Disaster Relief Emergency Aid Matching Program to assist families experiencing financial challenges due to COVID and other circumstances such as hurricanes and flooding. A generous donor has agreed to match our fundraising efforts up to $18,000 in Texas.

JCRS's goal is to create a minimum $100,000 restricted fund to provide aid relief to Jewish children and families in Texas experiencing hardship during periods of extreme economic challenges, unemployment, natural disasters, and social isolation.

DREAM Program dollars would be expended to Jewish families with minor children in the form of direct monetary grants, reimbursement for extraordinary expenses in relation to the crisis, or in the form of gift cards. We have surveyed our clients and 30-40% have been impacted financially by the pandemic. We anticipate that we could reach over 100 families (400+ Jewish individuals from across our seven-state region) and provide financial assistance to them for a period of 6+ months.

Some families will be helped fewer months while others may be longer. Longer assistance would require a resubmission of need. We will promote the Program to Jewish families, congregations, JFS organizations, and Jewish day schools across Dallas and region. Families will have to provide their financials before receiving aid and will be considered on a rolling case by case basis.

Time-limited funds will be paid out monthly. For example: a family of four might receive a maximum of $360 per month for a period of six months.



Program: A Virtual Exhibit Experience
Amount Requested: $2000

In keeping with the Dallas Jewish Historical Society’s stated goal of becoming a fully digitally-accessible repository, in addition to our climate-controlled physical Archive, DJHS is requesting funds to prepare, publicize and host one year of Virtual Exhibits (a minimum of two for six months each) as we continue to rise to the new challenges of virtual outreach in 2021. Our host, Artlogic, allows us to share online exhibitions access Virtual Viewing Rooms, providing tools to organize, manage and share the priceless contents of our exceptional collection of photos, documents, clothing, artworks, videos, interviews, and items of both ceremonial and historical significance, that tell the stories of the more than 150-year-old Greater Dallas Jewish Community. The agreement will provide DJHS for one year with 2 main viewing rooms, and up to 50 secondary viewing rooms, potentially allowing for multiple exhibits simultaneously. We are very excited about the possibilities this contract with Artlogic will open for outreach to both the Jewish and general communities. The funds will be used to contract with Artlogic, and for temporary part-time staff to help prepare and publicize exhibits.



Program: Holistic Experiential Education at Akiba Yavneh Academy
Amount Requested: $19,500

This year has been challenging in many ways. As we plan for the next schoolyear, we seek to build upon the outstanding and rigorous academics at AYA by approaching our experiential out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities with the same level of value as the more typical aspects of day school education. This initiative proposes an approach that will inspire our students to grow their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Jewish pride, identity, and leadership.

Students will have the opportunity to go beyond the foundational lessons learned in a traditional classroom, and to apply abstract concepts to a real-world understanding, building on existing concepts, developing new ideas and pushing critical thinking. All academic studies point to the deeper, longer-lasting impact that learning can have when classroom routines are coupled with out-of-the-box, and out-of-the-classroom experiences.

The plan is to incorporate this fully-integrated experiential learning into our formal educational model. Each grade level will include experiential programs that will take place at deliberate points during the year. These types of memorable and impactful experiences are expensive and therefore take place infrequently. In preparation for FY21-22, we want to ensure our students have these memorable educational experiences, whether the realities of running school during the pandemic still linger or not. Due to Covid-19 and the need for special health and safety protocols, these programs must be modified to accommodate smaller groups, therefore increasing the cost. We need your help.


Submissions to Funders File are posted without edits.

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