Funders File, Fall 2022 Edition

Our Fall 2022 edition of Funders File, a publication of special programs in our community that are in need of support, is listed below!

We have a long list of nonprofit agencies - our custodial partners - that invest their assets with the Foundation and this is their opportunity to share their most urgent needs and/or transformative programs.

It’s this reason we created Funders File. A “sounding board” for our partners wanting to promote their programs to a community who is always engaged and eager to help. Whether it’s supporting mental health, women and children in need, security, or even enriching opportunities as simple as Passover on a campus, it takes the hands of many to make a difference. Submissions to Funders File are voluntary and offer a glimpse to a variety of needs in our community.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been our priority, and we are pleased to continue bringing to your attention to worthwhile initiatives in the community. If you are a fundholder please use your traditional method of recommending grants to support these efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact Mona Allen at

*Submissions are posted in the order received and without edits from the Foundation office.


Program: Temporary Shelter Supplies
Amount Requested: $5,000

"Foster Kids Charity's CEO, Michelle Brown, has found that facilities all over DFW and Texas regions are struggling to find placements for foster children - especially teenagers. The crisis is caused by a shortage of foster homes and placements available. This is a long-term and ongoing issue in DFW.

Between placements, foster children sleep in cots in Child Protective Services offices, which do not have basic living utilities such as showers or kitchens. Foster Kids Charity wants to provide a real living space for children and teens to call home until they find a more permanent one. In January we opened a temporary placement/shelter for foster children. The home holds 12 beds for children ages 5-17. We have an ongoing need for supplies as contributions are at all times low and we need to purchase items on regular basis. Thank you"


Program: Shabbat Dinners for Jewish Longhorns
Amount Requested: $5,000

"Texas Hillel hosts weekly multiple options of pluralistic, student-led Shabbat services followed by a free dinner that draws 100-120 students each week. Throughout the year, we offer themed Shabbats with speakers, including an Interfaith Shabbat, Greek Shabbats for the Jewish fraternities and sororities, and Black Jewish Student Alliance Shabbat, Pride Shabbat, and more. The total cost for the Shabbat is $65,000 annually."


Program: Levine Fund- Tuition Assistance
Amount Requested: $100,000

"This past year, we saw requests and allocations for financial aid climb higher than we've seen in a very long time. We are seeking donations for our Levine Fund this year to support Tuition Assistance. Jewish Day Schools are not affordable for all families and as tuition increases each year, it becomes more difficult for parents to make the decision to choose to send their children to school at Ann & Nate Levine Academy. Our goal is never to turn away a family because of inability to pay and we need support to reach that goal."


Program: JTribe Student to Student Peer Engagement
Amount Requested: $20,000 but any support helps!

"JTribe Student to Student Engagement is taking off WITH YOUR HELP!

Many Jewish students at UT and surrounding universities are unaffiliated, not interested or disconnected from Jewish life. They are not being reached by any of the Jewish programming in and around campus. How do we get to connect to Jewish communal life?

This huge void needs to be filled. JTRIBE is a grassroots movement of diverse Jewish students who come together for social events, social action, Jewish education, cultural awareness and mentoring events: a unique mix of peer-to-peer Jewish programming, mentorship, community service, leadership development and social fun.

JTribe sets up a road to discovery, connecting to their Jewish roots and heritage and building strong relationships with the Jewish community which will continue after graduation. Jewish social and cultural events are run by the students: speakers, music, socializing, Shabbat and holidays. Friends reach out to friends and acquaintances and are engaging them in Jewish programming. Close-knit networks are built in a social setting. JTribe’s program empowers our lead interns to engage fellow Jewish students on a peer-to-peer level.

The program works by creating organic social networks based on shared identity and social values. Social and educational Jewish activities are planned outside of our center, on campus and the surrounding environs.

An increase in anti-Semitism and a decrease in student participation makes it imperative to reach out and engage young Jews on campus.

The JTribe program makes the difference! YOU make the difference!"


Program: Caravan for Democracy
Amount Requested: $360-$10,000

"Caravan for Democracy brings non-Jewish student leaders from campuses across the nation on a ten day trip to see for themselves the real Israel. The challenges of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement and rising anti-Semitism demand a thoughtful solution from the Jewish community.

Jewish National Fund-USA believes that students deserve the opportunity to learn about Israel's diversity, democratic nature, and her many contributions made across geographical, political, and cultural divides to combat these challenges. The goal of Positively Israel is to change the conversation and highlight the incredible work that Israel does every day to make the world a better place. Participants are given ample opportunity to speak with Israelis from all different cultural and faith backgrounds and political perspectives. The programs offer an alternative view of Israel and an opportunity for non-Jewish students to recognize all that Israel contributes towards making the world a better place."


Program: Passover University
Amount Requested: $8,000

"Passover University is a one day immersive learning experience focused on preparations for the celebration of the Festival of Passover. Replicating a one-day university it provides a variety of courses aimed at a multigenerational audience. The program begins with commencement to build community and enthusiasm for the day of learning and ends with a graduation celebration.

The Pew Study of 2016 confirms that Passover is still the most celebrated festival with 93% of Jews participating in a Seder regardless of denomination or affiliation. The goal is to leverage that commitment and turn it into inspiration for personally enriching the holiday experience.

We offered this program for this first time this year with great success! We provided over 20 courses from crafts and cooking, to deep text study - from music and decorating the Seder table to creating your own haggadah. We had nearly 200 participants from across the Dallas Jewish community from ages 6 months-86! We look forward to expanding to well over 200 participants with a new congregational partner next year!

100% of participants said that while participating they felt a sense of community.
100% of participants shared something new they learned to enhance their Seder.
100% of participants said they plan to attend again next year!

We are pleased to also offer an opportunity to underwrite an individual course for $180. We are eager to continue to grow this program by engaging a variety of communal partners."


Program: “Ignite the Light” Youth Juried Art Show
Amount Requested: $5,000

"OBJECTIVE: Develop and implement a juried exhibits and award contests for young Jewish artists in area public high schools, day schools and synagogue schools to engage the next generation of Jewish visual and performing artists

Project Description
Spring 2024
By implementing juried exhibits and award contests, TJAA will create meaningful interactive engagements for young Jewish artists in the greater community. This will further Jewish education, and identity. This will act as a creative thread to the visual and performing arts. Additionally, TJAA will promote intergenerational cohesion experiences centered around art appreciation. This will benefit the participants and the community by furthering discussions about art representations by showcasing such themes as Jewish life, social, emotional and political perspectives on art, and multicultural perspectives ex; Israeli and American. Success will be measured through attendance, sales and the ability to further on-going events."


Program: Gan Menachem Preschool
Amount Requested: $50,000

"With the help of the Almighty and some very generous donors we were able to purchase a new space for our growing Pre-school. We have currently outgrown our space and look to increase enrollment for the every growing Jewish Community in Far North Dallas.

We are looking for funding to furnish the new space and create a nurturing and peaceful environment where our children will flourish and succeed. Community Playthings are the route we would like to use as they are constructed of the best materials and colors that support our vision of what a Reggio Emilia classroom should look like.

We would be so appreciative for help in bringing this project to fruition."


Program: There’s Something Special About this Place!
Amount Requested: $5,000

"The JCC is a special place, and our facilities and programs offer something for everyone. From hosting book events with best-selling authors to serving 1,200 hot Kosher lunches per month to seniors to engaging more than 1,000 campers each summer - the J is a place where memories are made. Founded in 1879, the JCC has played an integral role in the city of Dallas for more than 143 years. Our mission is to bring the community together by providing state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional programs in an inclusive environment defined by Jewish values and culture. We offer social, recreational, educational, and cultural activities for all ages – from infants to senior adults and serve as a meeting place for community organizations and events.

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to celebrate life and be a part of something truly meaningful. Our members and guests help create their journey with us.

For more information about how you can support our community initiatives, contact Katie Donati, Development Administrative Assistant, at (214)239-7136 or email"


Program: No Interest Loan Programs
Amount Requested: All contributions welcome

"The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) is the only organization in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Erath, Fannin, Grayson, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Montague, Palo Pinto, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell and Wise Counties, and any other county inclusive of Wichita Falls, Texarkana, Tyler, Waco and Longview, Texas that provides interest-free loans to members of the Jewish community, helping people navigate economic challenges and pursue dreams.

With the end of pandemic-related government stimulus programs and rising inflation, DHFLA has seen a significant increase in applications. Through August, we have disbursed over $340,500 – that’s $37,500 more than the total money we distributed in 2021. We are proud that we now have nearly $1,000,000 in loans out in the community, enabling Jewish community members to navigate financial challenges, address critical needs, and affordably pursue their dreams.

DHFLA loans are funded by donations. With four months remaining in the year and the increasing requests for assistance, it is critical that we raise $100,000 by the end of 2022 in order to continue to provide the hand-up members of the Jewish community need.

Please consider making a gift to DHFLA to ensure we can sustain all of our no interest loan programs and provide peace-of-mind to members of our community facing financial challenges.

We appreciate the support of DJCF fundholders who are inspired to help DHFLA provide affordable financial assistance to members of the Greater North Texas Jewish community."


Program: Building Renovation Project
Amount Requested: $1,800

"You are reading this because you care about the Dallas Jewish community. Please donate to the Mikvah Israel Dallas Building Renovation today. Your gift will give families of our community the mikvah they so richly deserve. You see, our mikvah is in dire need of an upgrade. The Dallas women's mikvah hasn't undergone a significant renovation since its inception more than 25 years ago! And annual membership and usage fees don't come close to covering the cost of a renovation. Your donation will go directly to remodeling the six preparation rooms as well as making the kaylim mikvah more user-friendly.

When you donate to Mikvah Israel, you unite Jewish families throughout Dallas. No matter one's background, no matter one's level of observance, Mikvah Israel Dallas will be available to all women who seek its purity...all thanks to your generosity.

When you donate, you write the next chapter of this mikvah's 25-year history.

When you donate, you seize a sacred opportunity. You create a beautiful space. You perform an act of chesed that will echo for generations to come.

Thank you!!"


Program: Jewish Family Service’s Older Adults-Holocaust Survivors Care Program
Amount Requested: $400,000

"Jewish Family Service (JFS) respectfully requests support from the DJCF community in our efforts to serve the unmet mental and physical health needs of the North Texas region’s vulnerable Holocaust survivor population through the Older Adults-Holocaust Survivors Care (OA-HS) Program. The agency has identified over 50 additional survivors in the region who are enduring untreated trauma, grief, age-related illnesses and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, reduced cognition, as well as socioeconomic issues such as isolation, nutritional insecurity, and limited financial resources. Moreover, a significant number of the nearly 90 survivors currently receiving assistance from the OA-HS Program are in need of additional homecare hours to offset the debilitating effects of limited mobility and overall physical infirmity.

The OA-HS Program works year-round to address these needs by providing person-centered, trauma informed care and case management support to clients in order to help them maintain their health, wellbeing, and independence.

Services available through the program include in-home counseling, chaplaincy support, kosher meal delivery, transportation assistance, crisis intervention, psychiatric services, caregiver support, and socialization activities to combat isolation. By working with clients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to coordinate care across disciplines, the OA-HS Program is able ensure that survivors receive the comprehensive assistance they need to live happily and healthy. The expected (and historically achieved) benefit of the program is that the mental, cognitive, and emotional health of Holocaust survivors will substantially improve, subsequently leading to better health outcomes and decreases in physical decline, depression, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness and/or isolation."


Program: The JLC Shine Program for Teen Girls
Amount Requested: $25,000

"The Shine Program of the JLC

The Jewish Learning Center is a center for a Jewish education located in the heart of North Dallas. The JLC creates programming for Jews across the Dallas metroplex which include educational and experiential classes that serve to ignite a love for Judaism and the state of Israel. Over the past decade the JLC has brought over two hundred and fifty men and women to Israel.

Today we are requesting your help in supporting our Shine program. Shine was created for girls who are post bat mitzvah to keep them engaged in Jewish activities.

Shine brings post bat-mitzvah girls together to learn Jewish values for women in our day and age. We empower them through engaging events, informal learning, and activities. They learn about women of Tanach, core Jewish values and leadership. We have created a curriculum that excites the hearts and minds of these young women. Shine gives girls the opportunity to carry their Jewish education beyond their Hebrew School programs and integrate it into their lives.

JLC is supported from different sources, but expenses often exceed our fundraising capabilities. The major costs include the rent for the facility, teacher salaries and supplies. We are turning to the Dallas Jewish Community Federation for a grant of $25,000 to subsidize this very important program.

A detailed budget of all of the programs of the JLC are available at your request."


Amount Requested: $8,500

"Throughout the Greater Dallas Community, there are several families that are unable to attend traditional Jewish Day School due to their child having learning differences thus limiting their cultural knowledge and immersion in a Jewish environment. LINKS is an innovative extracurricular program designed for Jewish children with learning differences who currently do not attend Jewish Day School. This pilot program will be led by Mrs. Chaya Feigenbaum and Rabbi Michel Lomner, classes will be three times a week (located at Torah Day School & Ohr Hatorah) and will include Parsha, traditional customs and holidays using activities, projects and songs. Our goal is to allow these children and families to build relationships, enhance their positive Jewish identity while educating and inspiring them with the beauty of their Jewish heritage. Join us in helping these children!"


Program: Monthly Giver
Amount Requested: $180

"As our beautiful community continues to grow, so does our monthly budget. We are starting a campaign and requesting you to become a Monthly Giver.

Whatever the amount big or small if you set yourself up on monthly recurring donations that would really help the Richardson community with our ongoing monthly costs and help us take it to the next level!

You can text the words Monthly Giver to phone number '44321' for more details."


Program: New Sefer Torah Project
Amount Requested: $75,000

"Torah Day School of Dallas is entering the 20th year with an enrollment of 440 students preschool - 8th grade. One of the largest in the southwest United States. As we embark on the 20th year, we are looking to dedicate a new Torah scroll to represent the growth of Torah knowledge over the past 20 years.

Dedicating a new Torah can be a beautiful opportunity to perpetuate the memory of a loved one or to honor a spouse, child or grandchild. A Torah dedication can also be a legacy for future generations to link the Jewish people to Mt Sinai over 3,300 years ago.

Every letter in the Torah is indispensable, so is every member of the Jewish people. As a sponsor of a new Torah you will create a lifelong remembrance, and send a heartfelt message that you are one with our Jewish nation and one with our destiny.

If you are interested in exploring your personally dedicated Torah scroll, please contact Rabbi Avi Pekier, Head of School or Rabbi Yehudah Abrams, Executive Director, for more details."


Program: Developing Strong Jewish Leaders
Amount Requested:

"For nearly 100 years, BBYO's fundamental programming approach – putting teens in control of their activities – has led to a strong history of teen Jewish engagement in Dallas and the surrounding communities, with nearly 450 teens engaged annually. This teen-centered leadership model encourages teens to reach out to their peers, widening the social 'network' beyond Jewish institutions' typical bounds. BBYO’s approach focuses on experiential democracy, providing teens with leadership opportunities that come with being elected to lead their local chapters and region. This approach has yielded?some of the Jewish community’s finest leaders?in?Jewish Community Centers, Federations,?Hillels, summer camps, and beyond. In elected positions, teens take responsibility for implementing programs, educating their peers, coordinating community service, and interfacing with their broader community. With costs rising across nearly every aspect of teen engagement, including venue rentals, transportation fees, and program supplies, BBYO professionals are working with teen leaders to bring their goals to fruition despite stretched budgets. Given the sharp increase in inflation, BBYO recognizes that families are faced with making difficult choices for how to spend their limited funds, and subsidies for transportation and leadership experiences will allow these families to continue choosing BBYO. BBYO’s program model speaks to core adolescent needs – a place where everyone fits in, where older teens lookout for younger teens, and where participants can feel a part of something bigger than themselves, and BBYO’s goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier to entry for any Jewish teen."


Program: Expanding Educator Professional Development
Amount Requested: $7,500

"Educators rely on the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum for the tools and skills to teach their students about the history of the Holocaust and human rights in a way that is factual, engaging, and age appropriate. The Museum seeks to grow its Educator Professional Development offerings so that more educators, and in turn their students, can benefit from these crucial resources. Each training offers resources for grade-specific curriculum needs, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Museum’s qualified education staff provides information about teaching the history of the Holocaust and effective ways to engage students in this learning. We aim to reach educators across the state of Texas and beyond, including Oklahoma and rural Texas Education Agency (TEA) Regions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14.

Recent additions to Educator Professional Development offerings include the Pre-Service Learning Workshop for students who are training to become teachers, the Ethnic Studies Conference about the Museum’s special topics resources, and Elementary Educator training. The Museum hosts Learning on Location for teaching staff to tour the Museum. Educators also can join trainings virtually to access this quality development opportunity without barriers due to travel.

As offerings continue to expand, additional funds are needed to support the resources given to educators and the additional Museum staff needed to provide this education.

Educators leave empowered to teach this history in a way that goes beyond textbooks and inspires students to be Upstanders against hatred, racism, and antisemitism."


Program: Financial Assistance Program
Amount Requested:

"Since 1953, The Legacy Senior Communities has been dedicated to providing housing and healthcare services to seniors.

Did you know Medicare only covers medical care services (medication management, nursing care, and medical assessments) in Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-term Care in a Healthcare Center, or Personal Assistance Services at home? Medicare does not pay for the cost of living in a senior living community (room and board, meals, religious or spiritual services, activities, transportation, etc.). Residents must pay out-of-pocket. The national average cost of living in assisted living is $5,000 per month, while living in a memory care unit averages $10,000 per month.

The Legacy’s Financial Assistance program provides financial assistance for rental and/or care assistance at:

• The Legacy at Home - Personal Assistance Service - services decrease the risk of injury and/or hospitalization for low-income seniors still living at home by providing assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to doctor appointments and daily errands
• The Legacy Midtown Park - Medicaid rooms in the Healthcare Center for eligible low-income seniors; rental subsidies for eligible seniors at other levels of care
• The Legacy Willow Bend – Medicaid rooms in the Healthcare Center for eligible low-income seniors; rental subsidies for eligible seniors in Assisted Living and Memory Support

By making a gift, you will ensure that Dallas area Jewish seniors receive the highest quality of services and care allowing them to live with dignity and comfort regardless of one’s financial ability."


Program: Restoring Dallas History: The Blue House Film
Amount Requested: $5000 or any portion of it

"The Blue House," a documentary film by Mark Birnbaum, chronicles the early Jewish history as seen through the lens of "The Blue House," the early home of the Max Rosenfield family (developer and past president of Temple Emanu-El) and the last Queen Anne Victorian in the once-Jewish Cedars area of Dallas. The film documents the frantic activity required of that community upon discovering a bulldozer parked in front of The Blue House six years ago on a chilly Friday morning in January, set to knock down the building on Monday for a parking lot. This historical structure has withstood the ravages of time for well over 100 years, and remains as a monument to perseverance and the dedication of the modern Cedars neighborhood and a dedicated conservationist community who rallied to save it from the wrecking ball.

The Blue House has been lifted from its foundations and moved a dozen blocks down Ervay Street to settle onto a new foundation on a lovely corner lot on residential Beaumont Street in the Cedars, where the developer has worked to restore it to its former glory. For completion expenses for the film, DJHS is in need of additional funding to finish this story of Dallas' past and present. The film will premiere in Dallas and will be shown through film festivals and special screenings. A teaser of the film is available on under "The Blue House Teaser."

Submissions to Funders File are posted without edits.

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