Funders File, Fall 2021 Edition

Our fall 2021 edition of Funders File, a publication of special programs in our community which are in need of support, is listed below!

We have a long list of nonprofit agencies - our custodial partners - that invest their assets with the Foundation and this is their opportunity to share their most urgent needs and/or transformative programs.

It’s this reason we created Funders File. A “sounding board” for our partners wanting to promote their programs to a community who is always engaged and eager to help. Whether it’s supporting mental health, women and children in need, security, or even enriching opportunities as simple as Passover on a campus, it takes the hands of many to make a difference. Submissions to Funders File are voluntary and offer a glimpse to a variety of needs in our community.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been our priority, and we are pleased to continue bringing to your attention to worthwhile initiatives in the community. If you are a fundholder please use your traditional method of recommending grants to support these efforts.
If you have any questions, please contact Chay John at

*Submissions are posted without edits.


Program: Akiba Yavneh Academy
Amount Requested: $19,500

Holistic Experiential Education at Akiba Yavneh Academy

This past year has been challenging in many ways. As we plan for the upcoming school year, we seek to build upon the outstanding and rigorous academics at AYA by approaching our experiential out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities with the same level of value as the more typical aspects of day school education. This initiative proposes an approach that will inspire our students to grow their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Jewish pride, identity, and leadership.

Students from Pre-School to 12th grade will have the opportunity to go beyond the foundational lessons learned in a traditional classroom, and to apply abstract concepts to a real-world understanding, building on existing concepts, developing new ideas and pushing critical thinking. All academic studies point to the deeper, longer-lasting impact that learning can have when classroom routines are coupled with out-of-the-box, and out-of-the-classroom experiences.

The plan is to incorporate this fully integrated experiential learning into our formal educational model. Each grade level will include experiential programs that will take place at deliberate points during the year. These types of memorable and impactful experiences are expensive. In preparation for FY21-22, we want to ensure our students have these memorable educational experiences. Due to Covid-19 and the potential need for continued special health and safety protocols, these programs must be modified to accommodate smaller groups, therefore increasing the cost. Please consider participating and helping us provide these stellar experiences to the students at AYA.



Program: Burial - Not Cremation
Amount Requested: $36,000

The Chevra is Dallas' orthodox burial society, but cares for Jews regardless of affiliation, and serves funeral homes across North Texas.

Unfortunately, increasingly in recent years, economics have dictated the choice of cremation over burial. Abraham's caring for Sarah established a fundamental Jewish principle: that burial preserves the dignity of the deceased. The Chevra is establishing a fund to be able to assist families in an emotionally and financially challenging time. The Chevra plans to supplement what a family would pay for a cremation, and pay the difference between cremation and burial. Additionally, the Chevra's burial fund would be able to front funeral costs until an insurance reimbursement is received.

The Chevra's goal is to eliminate the economic barrier to burial, so that all Jews can emulate our forefather Abraham's example.



Program: Emergency Placement House
Amount Requested: $52,000

Foster Kids Charity board is establishing a temporary home (6 bunk beds) for foster children who need emergency placement thanks to a partnership with Child Protective Services. The house will provide a temporary home for children ages 18 years of age and younger, needing temporary place to sleep/live until placed with a foster family. Michelle Brown, CEO of the charity say facilities all over DFW and Texas regions are struggling to find placements for foster children, in specific, teenagers.

The crisis is caused by a shortage of foster homes and placements available.

· Mission: To provide a long-term solution to foster children without placement.

· Solution: Increasing the number of beds for foster children awaiting placement by establishing a temporary home-style shelter

· Location: Dallas Texas

· Number of beds: 6 bunk beds (12 children)

· Yearly Budget – $100,000.00 consist of lease, supplies, insurance, staff, utilities.

· License: DFPS

· Oversight committee includes DFPS community specialists regions 3, 4 and 5, Foster kids charity staff and board.



Program: : JFS Food Pantry Expansion Project
Amount Requested: $25,000

For over 70 years, the JFS Food Pantry (FP) program has provided nutritional assistance and short-term financial aid to low-income North Texas families experiencing food insecurity. The FP program is based on a “client-choice” model, allowing for more diverse and healthier food options that meet most cultural and dietary needs. In addition to nutritional support, the program also provides essential household items to clients, including toiletries, diapers and wipes, and feminine hygiene products. Part of what makes the JFS Food Pantry program so unique is the holistic, wraparound nature of the agency’s approach to service delivery; clients experiencing food insecurity can also take advantage of JFS’s comprehensive social services, including case management, emergency financial assistance, mental health support, career coaching, and financial counselling. In the fiscal year 2020 (August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020), the JFS Food Pantry distributed over 900,000 pounds of food to a record 15,564 clients.

In the Spring of 2021, JFS began the process of expanding the size of the FP program’s physical space, in an effort to offer clients access to more healthy-choice grocery items, host more and longer distribution dates, improve the overall safety and functionality of the distribution site, and provide a more confidential setting for clients in need of additional services like emergency financial assistance and case management. By investing in the FP program’s future, JFS intends to continue its long tradition of serving North Texans by providing greater access to the care, resources, and assistance they need to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.



Program: Security Initiatives at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center
Amount Requested: $10,000

Each day thousands enter and exit the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center (AFJCC). With hundreds of programs and meetings, the AFJCC is busy from the moment we open until the time we close. We have a diverse population where all are welcome regardless of race, age, or religious denomination. We are the heart of the Jewish community and reach more than 50,000 individuals from 13,000 households in the Metroplex. There are more than 200 children in our preschool and during the summer almost 750 campers.

We also have seniors picking up frozen meals on our campus three times a week. Annually the AFJCC hosts the Bagel Run; a large community run held on Mother’s Day and other events drawing large crowds. Securing all of those who enter our campus is our top priority. Some of our recent projects include installing security tint around the main building and preschool, adding security access doors, and placing closed-circuit television surveillance cameras in our “Lodge,” – an outdoor area where children play and interact with one another during school and summer camp.

For more information on how you can help fund our security initiatives, please contact Adam Olivares, JCC Chief Director of Facilities at (214) 239-7178 or email



Program: Electronic Loan Application Software
Amount Requested: $3,500

The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) is the only organization in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis and Rockwall counties that provides interest-free loans to members of the Jewish community. From loans for adoption and fertility treatments, emergencies and general needs, to healthcare, higher education, Jewish experiences, small business expenses and special needs, DHFLA helps the Greater Dallas Jewish community navigate economic challenges and affordably pursue dreams.

With the ongoing consequences of the pandemic, lifting of eviction moratoriums, end of student loan forbearance, the 2021 winter storm and more, DHFLA has seen an increase in loan requests. Currently, potential borrowers submit applications and support materials by email and the work of building the applicant file for review is done manually.

As we work to process applications as quickly as possible to get funds into the hands of those who need help in a timely fashion, DHFLA has identified that to be most efficient, we need to invest in loan application software that speaks directly to our loan management system.

DHFLA is seeking to raise $3,500 to cover the cost and implementation of the loan application software. Contributions towards this software will enable DHFLA to review and decision interest-free loan applications faster, disburse needed funds more quickly and more efficiently setup loans within our loan management system.

We appreciate the support of DJCF fundholders who are inspired to help DHFLA provide affordable financial assistance to the greatest number of North Texas Jewish community members.



Program: Clean Speech Dallas Community Initiative
Amount Requested: $100,000

Clean Speech Dallas - One Month of Mindful Speech for the Betterment of Humankind

The goal of the project, as was done in the pilot program in Denver, and now in Chicago, Minneapolis and Ottawa, is to unite every Jewish entity - from synagogue, to school and everything in between. The Denver program was a collaboration of 55 Jewish organizations! Visit for all the details.

Cynicism and polarized speech are a terrible challenge in the current culture. All participants of the 30-day program will become universal ambassadors of positive speech. In their homes, synagogues, school and workplaces, they will have the tools to combat cynicism and divisive speech and to create healthy, positive conversations. We envision a program that can unite all Jews as a light upon ourselves and the nations of the world.

This program is a unique opportunity to engage all Jews in a way that is appealing and comfortable, on their schedule. They can choose to be more or less actively involved.

There is no cost for any organization to join or participate. Each organization that partners will receive marketing materials to help them promote the program.

DATA has a mission, for almost thirty years, to provide Jewish educational opportunities at every level, to engage all Jews in their heritage and to create a sense of Jewish awareness, pride and long-term continuity.

Our goal is to engage 10,000+ Jews in this program in November 2021.



Program: Veterinary Financial Assistance Program serving Dallas clients
Amount Requested: $50,000

Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) is asking for $50,000 for our Veterinary Financial Assistance (VFA) Program serving clients and volunteer puppy raisers in Dallas. The VFA Program supports veterinary care for guide dogs, retired guide dogs, and puppies being raised by volunteers to become future guide dogs.

GDB is a world leader in supporting the veterinary needs of a guide dog throughout their lifetime. Not only do we provide guide dogs at no cost to our graduates, but we also commit to supporting the veterinary needs of our guide dogs throughout their career and beyond. The VFA Program has become even more important since the pandemic hit. Over the past year, many of our clients and puppy raisers rely on financial support because they have lost their jobs or have had their employment reduced.

In addition to providing financial assistance to clients, the VFA Program


· Support clients through their guide dogs’ medical retirement, quality and end-of-life decisions and management of chronic medical conditions.

· Answer general dog health questions concerning issues such as: nutrition, vaccines, parasite control, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, disaster planning etc.

· Counsel and support clients when they need someone to walk them through a complicated medical issue, a veterinary emergency in the middle of the night, or the end-of-life discussion of a dog that has been a much-loved life companion.


We hope you will help us serve our clients and volunteers in Dallas by supporting our VFA Program.



Program: Teaching Kitchen for Students
Amount Requested: $150,000

The essence of our school's Jewish Educational Program comes alive as we celebrate the Jewish holidays through cooking -teaching the traditions of each holiday throughout the year. We love watching (and smelling) as our students and teachers celebrate together and learn about our Jewish traditions while using their 5 senses to experience each holiday.

We typically find that our teachers use the hallways and classrooms to cook for the holidays and would love to build a beautiful, new teaching kitchen to be used by our Kindergarten-8th grade students and teachers encouraging the hands-on learning of their traditions and their heritage.



Program: JTribe Student to Student Peer Engagement
Amount Requested: $20,000 but any support helps!

JTribe Student to Student Engagement is taking off WITH YOUR HELP even more so during Corona!

Many Jewish students at UT and surrounding universities are unaffiliated, not interested or disconnected from Jewish life. They are not being reached by any of the Jewish programming in and around campus. How do we get the unaffiliated, not interested or those estranged from the community to connect to Jewish communal life? This huge void needs to be filled. JTRIBE is a grassroots movement of diverse Jewish students who come together for social events, social action, Jewish education, cultural awareness and mentoring events: a unique mix of peer-to-peer Jewish programming, mentorship, community service, leadership development and social fun. JTribe sets up a road to discovery, connecting to their Jewish roots and heritage and building strong relationships with the Jewish community which will continue after graduation. Jewish social and cultural events are run by the students: speakers, music, socializing, Shabbat and holidays. Friends reach out to friends and acquaintances and are engaging them in Jewish programming. Close-knit networks are built in a social setting. JTribe’s program empowers our lead interns to engage fellow Jewish students on a peer-to-peer level: Many are unaffiliated and on the fringes of the Jewish community and are outside Greek life. The program works by creating organic social networks based on shared identity and social values. Social and educational Jewish activities are planned outside of our center, on campus and the surrounding environs.



Program: 2022 Curriculum Trunk Program and Updates
Amount Requested: $8,400

The Museum provides an assortment of multi-disciplinary curriculum trunks for elementary to high school students. Curriculum trunks are shipped directly to schools at no cost.

The requests for trunks far outnumber those available for loan. The Museum seeks to expand the number and variety of trunks and update them with additional and refreshed resources to further the Museum’s mission and lessons.

All trunks include renowned, age-appropriate books, videos, activities, and Survivor testimonies.


Curriculum Trunks include:

· Butterfly Trunk: (Pre-K - 4th Grade) Students are introduced to the concept of tolerance through books, crafts, and puppets.

· Children in the Holocaust Trunk: (5th - 8th Grade) Students are introduced to literature written about and by children during the Holocaust.

· Supplemental materials include primary sources, videos, and artifacts.

· Survivor Trunk: (9th - 12th Grade) Built around the books Night and Survival in Auschwitz, this trunk provides students with an in-depth look and analysis of the history of the Holocaust.

· Upstander Trunk: (6th - 9th Grade) Students are introduced to the ideals described in the founding documents of the United States. They will examine American history through the eyes of Upstanders.

· Genocide Awareness Trunk: (9th - 12th Grade) Based on the 10 Stages of Genocide, students will study ten genocidal events. Through research and analysis, they will gain a greater awareness and understanding of the process of genocide.



This funding will help update the curriculum trunks and cover the costs of shipping trunks to schools during 2022.



Program: Carol & Steve Aaron Financial Assistance Endowment
Amount Requested: Any amount

Since 1953, The Legacy Senior Communities has been dedicated to providing housing and healthcare services to seniors.

Did you know Medicare only covers medical care services (medication management, nursing care, and medical assessments) in Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-term Care in a Healthcare Center, or Personal Assistance Services at home? Medicare does not pay for the cost of living in a senior living community (room and board, meals, religious or spiritual services, etc.). Residents and their families that utilize these services must pay out-of-pocket. The national average cost of living in assisted living is $5,000 per month, while living in a memory care unit averages $10,000 per month.

The Legacy’s Carol & Steve Aaron Financial Assistance Endowment provides financial assistance in perpetuity for rental and/or care assistance at:

· The Legacy Willow Bend – Medicaid rooms in the Healthcare Center for eligible low-income seniors; rental subsidies for eligible seniors at other levels of care.

· The Legacy at Home - Personal Assistance Service - services decrease the risk of injury and/or hospitalization for low-income seniors still living at home by providing assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to doctor appointments and daily errands.

· The Legacy Midtown Park - Medicaid rooms in the Healthcare Center for eligible low-income seniors; rental subsidies for eligible seniors at other levels of care.

By making a gift, you will ensure that Jewish seniors receive the highest quality of services and care allowing them to live with dignity and comfort regardless of one’s financial ability.



Program:Texas A&M Hillel
Amount Requested: $1500

We want to host an Interfaith Community Shabbat for other religious groups on campus. We are part of a campus ministry association at Texas A&M and our goal is to share and educate others about Judaism. Our mission is to build tolerance, understanding, and relationships through education and communication.



Program:Project Safety
Amount Requested: $12,000

Due to the unprecedented and ever evolving times we live in, we have decided to improve and secure the safety of the children in our care. We must hire a full time armed guard as we are housed in a high profile Jewish building. Our utmost concern is the physical well-being of our children.

We have endeavored all these years to offer affordable early childhood education to ALL members of our community. As a result we do not have the full funds to cover the cost.



Program: COVID-19 Financial Relief for Jewish Families in Texas
Amount Requested: $9,000

JCRS is continuing its Disaster Relief Emergency Aid Matching

(DREAM) Program to assist families experiencing financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A generous donor has agreed to match our fundraising efforts up to $18,000 in Texas.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and through the current 4th wave, JCRS has granted a total of $35,000 to more than 2 dozen families, many of which reside in the Dallas area and across Texas. These grants provide aid relief to Jewish children and families experiencing hardship during periods of extreme economic challenges, unemployment, natural disasters, and social isolation.

DREAM Program dollars are expended to Jewish families with minor children in the form of direct monetary grants, reimbursement for extraordinary expenses in relation to the crisis, or in the form of gift cards. We have surveyed our clients and 30-40% have been impacted financially by the pandemic. We anticipate that the need for financial assistance due to the pandemic will continue until we get this virus under control.

Some families will be helped fewer months while others may be longer. Longer assistance requires a resubmission of need. We promote the Program to Jewish families, congregations, JFS organizations, and Jewish day schools across Dallas and region. Families have to provide their financials before receiving aid and are considered on a rolling case by case basis.

Time-limited funds are paid out monthly. For example: a family of four may receive a maximum of $360 per month for a period of six months.



Program: Wall Mounted Art Preservation Display Racks
Amount Requested: $3,000

One of the greatest needs of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society’s Archived Collections is for additional light and temperature-controlled storage space that will enable us to continue to organize, inventory, catalog, and properly preserve the collections within our holdings.

Properly archiving and storing our Archive art collection is necessary to preserve and maintain the original artwork, framed large photographs, and other two-dimensional objects in individual collections. Storage space is at a premium in the DJHS Archive and the most appropriate and sensible solution for these particular pieces is to use wall space for as many items as possible. This requires high-quality hardware and professional installation of Wall Mounted Historic Artwork Preservation Display Racks. These art display panels efficiently store pictures, paintings, and framed artwork from hanger hooks on wire mesh panels.

DJHS is requesting funds for only two racks (1 – 5 x 8 feet and 1- 4 x 5 feet) in addition to preparation and installation costs at $3000.00.



Program: WE (We Engage)
Amount Requested: $15,000

WE (We Engage) is an inclusive, dynamic Dallas area program for Jewish young adults twenty-one years and older. The WE program is part of Hillel of Dallas. The organization is led by Rabbi Heidi Coretz and the WE Advisory Committee and hosts meaningful, engaging monthly Shabbat and holiday dinners that inspire community, learning and a deep connection to Judaism. Rabbi Coretz also provides a listening ear, religious guidance and mentorship to our members at this critical time in their lives.

Attracting local Jewish grad students and law students as well as young adults just starting their careers in this area, WE is the basis for many friendships and a connection to the broader Jewish community. Last year, we engaged one hundred and twenty Jewish young adults in our WE Shabbat and holiday programs, and in individual meetings with Rabbi Coretz. Hillel of Dallas’ goal is to raise $15,000 to supplement our ’21-22 budget. Please consider helping us to provide these important services to build sacred community for the Jewish young people of Dallas.



Program: Disabilities and Special Needs
Amount Requested: $10,000

As part of our focus on improving the quality of life in Israel for all its citizens, Jewish National Fund is ensuring that no member of Israeli society is left behind. The fact that nearly 13% of Israel’s citizens are considered physically or mentally challenged is an opportunity for us to live our values. We believe passionately that the inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs should be woven tightly into the fabric of Jewish life. All the more so in Israel.

That is why, as Israel continues to grow beyond its bustling Tel Aviv-Haifa-Jerusalem Corridor, our focus on services for people with disabilities and special needs is strategically located in the Negev and Galilee.

Through a variety of initiatives and partnerships, JNF is providing state-of-the-art rehabilitative services, special education and medical care in areas where they were previously unavailable. Beyond the medical, we are also ensuring that recreational facilities, including forests, parks, picnic areas, playgrounds and nature trails, are inclusive for visitors of all ability levels.

Join us in this special work. Your donation to Disabilities & Special Needs will help make Israel a more inclusive and more loving community.


Submissions to Funders File are posted without edits.

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