Posted by Meyer L. Bodoff, CAPĀ®

It is an interesting time on our calendars.  The Foundation has just held its first Annual Meeting and as a nation we watched the results of a hotly contested election, remembered Veterans’ Day, and are about to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now I know these four events are not equal in historical relevance, but they are related.  One word ties them all together:  appreciation.

The guest speaker at our Annual Meeting reminded us to be thankful and to appreciate our ability to be generous. Our generosity serves as a legacy to those who came before us.

We appreciate our nation.  The day after the most hotly contested election in anyone’s memory, there were no armed troops in the streets, just a peaceful transition of power. Will we see protests, of course, but peaceful protests are also our legacy as a nation as well. Very few countries in the world can say the same.

Certainly we appreciate the heroism and sacrifice of our veterans.  We must never forget all that we have is secured by their service. 

Finally, at Thanksgiving time, let us all give thanks for the many blessings we hold dear and let us continue to appreciate our ability to be generous. Through your generosity, approximately $13,000,000 has been granted this past year through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation to non-profit organizations throughout our city and throughout our nation.

Faces Of The Foundation

We believe that the Jewish Community Foundation is one of the lowest cost, most efficient, best managed foundations we know of...
Joyce and Selly Belofsky
While I was giving birth to my son three years ago, I went suddenly blind. I had to move forward with my life, so I decided to get a guide dog, Roxi. Thank you for caring, and for being so generous. You are changing lives...
Chag Sameach, Ruth & Roxi
We delight in the vibrant, diverse, active, growing greater Dallas Jewish community, and feel our participation with the DJCF assures its continued growth and development...
Carol and Harold Pinker
Through the visionary grant of the DJCF, the Gardens of Friendship project is opening the world of gardening to our children, helping them grow and bloom along with their gardens...
2016 Gardens of Friendship Project Recipient
As an attorney (and CPA) who often represents families involved with complex tax and estate matters relating to wealth preservation and transfer strategies, it is reassuring to know that the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation is available a…
Josh O. Ungerman
Establishing a scholarship fund at the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation has proven to be an immense joy to clients who have done so...
Ira Silverman, Silverman Goodwin LLP
The two time assistance from the Priya Fund allowed us to focus on the physical aspect of the treatment. Thank G-d, we are now the proud parents of Ari and Eliana...
Shira and Dmitriy Olukhov and Family
For me, the reward of being a DJCF fund holder is equally matched by the honor of serving on a DJCF scholarship committee...
Ann Zimmerman Gallant
I am forever indebted to DJCF for their generosity in awarding me scholarships* to receive my college degree...
Jordan Herskowitz
Having a DJCF donor advised fund for many years has greatly simplified our charitable giving. Through our donor advised fund, we are able to recommend grants to many worthy organizations and fulfill our desire to help make the world a bette…
Julie and Scott Miller and Family

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