Funders' File Winter 2017

Welcome to our online edition of Funders' File, a publication of special programs in our community which are in need of support.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been a priority, and we extend our enthusiasm in bringing to you several worthy organizations and initiatives. Submissions to Funders' File are voluntarily provided by qualifying organizations, and offer a valuable resource to you, our generous fundholders. Click on an agency or title below and the description will automatically appear. Projects are listed in the order they are received.

If you are a DJCF fundholder, and wish to support any of the below projects, please use your traditional method of grant recommending. If you are not currently a fundholder, please click here and enter the name of agency and the words Funders' File in the description. As we enter this holiday season, thank you for all of the miracles you have created through you generosity, and we invite you to make a difference in our community by supporting one of the projects below.

If you have any questions, please contact Jaycee Greenblatt at

It has been over 20 years since the inception of the Janis Levine Music Women and Children's Endowment Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. Janis' passion to help all women and children could have ended with her untimely death, but thankfully the love and support from family and friends enabled her legacy to become larger than life. The advisory committee, still with many of the original members, maintains high standards for grant making, and has a genuine concern for promoting the mission of the fund. In the Spring of 2018, the Janis Levine Music Women and Children's Fund will grant awards to organizations whose primary mission is to offer educational services that help children in poverty gain skills necessary to reach their full potential, succeed in school, or provide college and career readiness support to women facing poverty. This fund has touched the lives of many who desperately needed help, and has set the standard for charitable giving. Please show your love for Janis through a commitment to the Janis Levine Music Women and Children's Endowment Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.

Amount Requested: any gift is appreciated

Foster Kids Charity was established in 2011 with a mission to provide the basic needs of foster children while in foster care: Food, Clothes, Educational Support, and Shelter. At this time, we are seeking funds to fund 125 foster children after school activities.

Involvement in extracurricular activities can be a transformative experience for kids in foster care, and gives youth the chance to meet new friends, coaches and mentors. Research shows that involvement in extracurricular activities can also help improve a student's attendance, behavior and course completion at school.

CHANCE! Program helps to pay for these essential childhood experiences for kids in foster care. It includes paying for music class, soccer and other activities, as well as summer camp experiences that children in foster care are often deprive of.

CHANCE! Gives foster children the chance to participate in sports, the arts & summer camps. Via participating in artistic activities, children can experience dramatic improvements in their self-esteem, enhance their short-and long-term memory, and learn to manage stress in a healthy way. It can also improve their grade, develop creative thinking skills & build confidence.

CHANCE! Is geared toward foster children ages 2-18 years old and funds Dance classes, Karate lessons, Music lessons, Sports Activities, Singing Lessons, Buying a guitar, Piano, Key board or other instruments, Summer Camps.

Please help Foster Kids Charity provide extracurricular activities & summer camps to children in foster care. Number of children on wait list 125. Annually cost for each child $1200.

Amount Requested: $150,000

Over the past decade the AFJCC has embarked upon a systematic, layered security approach based on funds available. Our first step was the installation of security cameras. Next a grant from the Department of Homeland Security funded a partial perimeter fence. Finally security guards and off duty police officers were hired. A new guardhouse and entry was constructed emphasizing our need to vet anyone entering the campus. Thankfully the AFJCC, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Department of Homeland Security and generous donors have helped us reach this point. Each day thousands enter and exit the AFJCC. With hundreds of programs and thousands of meetings, the AFJCC is busy from the moment we open until the time we close. We have a diverse population where all are welcome regardless of race, age, or religious denomination. We are the heart of the Jewish Community and reach more than 50,000 individuals from 13,000 households. We have over 200 preschool children here daily and during the summer 700 campers. Each day we also have undreds of seniors with us. Annually the AFJCC hosts the community wide Israel Independence Day celebration, the Bagel Run; a large community run held on Mother's Day, and many more big events drawing large crowds. Securing all of those who enter our campus is above all else, and continues to be our highest priority. Our request is to support the on-going rising operational costs. The AFJCC remains focused on providing a safe campus for our community.

Amount Requested: annual budget - $280,000

Adat Chaverim, the Reform synagogue in North Plano, is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and our congregation of 210 families has taken the first long-awaited step toward constructing our own building. For twenty years we have leased space in a shopping center.

We have purchased five acres of land in South Frisco and plan, with our architectural firm, Landau/Zinder Architects, to complete pre-construction work by early 2018. We believe a new location, with pride of ownership, will attract the Jewish population of north Texas (Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding towns)as they continue their exponential growth.

Our new home will be the opportunity, and we hope you share our excitement,to extend the DFW Metroplex Jewish presence into the northern suburbs populated with young families and a transitioning workforce anxious for the familiarity of Jewish connections in new communities.

An area which we feel is important when we open our doors is a multi-functional outdoor space, attractively landscaped and shaded with some seating. In surveying our congregation, this is one aspect of a new building and location that excites everyone, since it is completely missing in our concrete shopping center. The space will be designed to accommodate religious events, socializing and children's informal play. With many building priorities fighting for attention, a donation in any amount towards completing this goal would be greatly appreciated and make our new place of worship equally beautiful inside and out.

Amount Requested: any gift is appreciated

Founded in 1913, NCJW Dallas has a 105 history of initiating projects that: 1) improve the quality of life for children, women and families in the Dallas community; and 2) strive to protect individual rights and freedoms. In 2017, we initiated a program that is serving school children and their families in West Dallas, one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in North Texas and in the entire United States. Approximately 50% of all students live below the poverty line and more than 85% of DISD students in the area qualify for a free meal program.

For the school year beginning August 2017, NCJW partnered with the West Dallas Community Resource Center and six West Dallas DISD elementary schools to provide uniforms, socks and underwear to 625 students in grades K-2. In addition, we provided backpacks and binders to 500 students during the West Dallas Back2School Day in August... Sadly, we ran out of backpacks long before the needs of families in attendance had been served. In our first year, we not only underestimated the need for backpacks, but also we didn't realize that the preschool youngsters need backpacks as well. As we begin to plan for the next school year, we request a grant of $5,000 to provide backpacks to 625 needy Pre-K, Kindergarten and elementary school aged children in the West Dallas neighborhood. Thank you for considering this request.

Amount Requested: $5,000

The Museum is fortunate to have a number of beloved Holocaust Survivors living in the Dallas area who volunteer their time as speakers and docents. They regularly share their stories of survival and resilience with students and adult tour groups at the Museum, and they teach the lessons learned from the Holocaust by sharing their testimonies throughout North Texas.

Many Survivors have ambulatory issues and many can no longer drive. The Museum arranges and pays for transportation for Survivors to and from the Museum and to social events throughout the community, including an annual Purim Party, Hanukkah Party, Hope for Humanity dinner, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the Yom Hashoah annual dinner and minyan service.

The cost of transportation has increased steadily and currently is budgeted to be $16,000 in 2018. The Museum seeks contributions to help fund these expenses so that we can continue providing transportation to our Survivors.

Amount Requested: $10,000

This project is a juried architectural competition and exhibition for "outside the box" artistic, creative Sukkahs. The winning entries will be erected and on display during the week of Sukkoth, 2018 at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. TJAA envisions the project both as a new, innovative design competition and as an outreach opportunity for the Jewish community to connect with the greater Dallas/Fort Worth population. The feature event will take place on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018. We hope to attract many hundreds of people on that day and more participants for scheduled activities during the rest of the week. TJAA began planning this event in 2015, with the idea that the first competition/exhibition would be held in Dallas during Sukkoth 2018, with a similar competition/exhibition the following year in Fort Worth during Sukkoth 2019. The overarching goal is the promotion of tolerance and understanding by educating and sharing the beauty of this most ancient Jewish tradition. Sukkoth highlights the importance of a safe refuge against the elements and reminds us of those in our cities who are homeless or under-housed, dislocated and estranged, and their need to establish homes of their own. For this reason, TJAA has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Jewish Family Services as beneficiaries of funds raised during this event. $1800 donors will be listed as sponsors in all our printed materials, our website (, and on signage at the exhibition site.

Amount Requested: $1,800

Our Annual Lecture Series is a highlight of DJHS programming. Each year, three or four outstanding speakers are selected for the series, bringing information, stories, and subjects of interest to our community. The focus of the lectures may be Dallas and the roles our Jewish community has played in its development (we've covered Jews in Dallas government, Retail Merchants, the jewelry industry, the scrap metal businesses, and more); Jewish history, both local and around the world; or general subjects of Jewish interest (e.g., Jews and Boxing, Jews and Baseball, Jews and Booze, you get the idea). Each year we work had to find new and innovative speakers. In the past few years our events included:
• Dr. Jeanne Abrams, U. of Denver, American Jews and the Western Experience
• Dr. Kay Goldman, Texas A & M, Dressing Modern Maternity: The Frankfurt Sisters of Dallas
• In the Eye of the Beholder: A Dallas Jewish Artists' Showcase (which led directly to the formation of the Texas Jewish Artists Association)
• Mark Bauman – Quiet Voices: Southern Rabbis and Civil Rights
• Bennett Greenspan – Family DNA and Tracing Jewish Lineage
• Dr. Bryan Stone, Del Mar College – From the Shtetl to San Antonio
• Deb Weingarten, poet – There's Jews in Texas?

The Annual Lecture series is a proven success and receives positive feedback each year. We are searching for an underwriter who will take on this commitment to ensure the DJHS continues to bring quality adult Jewish programming to our community.

Amount Requested: $4,000

JET's mission is to strengthen and support the community by engaging, educating and enriching the lives of the "Young Jewish Family" regardless of background or affiliation. Warm and inviting, JET allows families to unite and explore their heritage while feeling at home. JET is non-congregational and endeavors to help individuals attain a deeper relationship with their heritage through Torah-study, Socio-religious events and a connection to the land of Israel.

JET is ready to take off with the opening of its brand new home- the JET "HUB". The HUB will be a beautifully designed, warm and friendly space that will provide young Jewish families from all backgrounds a home for Jewish learning, connection, and community. At the HUB families will find a wide range of programming to participate in, including engaging and relevant Torah classes, social events, guest speakers, Challah bakes, individual and group study, and more. Featuring beautifully furnished event space, classrooms,/meeting rooms, administrative offices, AV equipment, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a full Jewish library, the HUB will be a new home for Jewish learning that young families will enjoy. The HUB will have no building fees, people can feel comfortable being involved with Jewish activity in a non-synagogue setting, that is cool, modern, and relevant.

Dedication opportunities are available. Please contact for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

Amount Requested: $200,000 to Goal

JCRS provides case management and needs-based financial subsidies for Jewish youth for the care, treatment, education, and therapeutic services for dependent children and children facing developmental, psychological or physical challenges.

Whether it is language therapy for a speech delay or dyslexia, an appliance for a physical handicap or behavioral training for a child with autism, a special school for a student with a learning difference or an assessment for ADHD, JCRS explores and addresses each situation individually with sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect. JCRS services are unique and comprehensive, offering support to children that do not fall into the criteria for care or budget of the Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas.

In Dallas, JCRS is currently providing financial assistance or case management for 24 children with special needs. As of today, our 2017-18 Special Needs Program budget is operating over-budget due to the tremendous need within our Jewish community.

A grant of $18,000 would allow for additional funding to vulnerable Jewish special needs children in Dallas. Every dollar allocated for this program is based on the totality of the child's needs and the opportunities for successful outcomes.

For more information about our programs and services, visit or call (800)729-5277.

Amount Requested: $18,000

Imagine the loneliness of coming to a new city right after college and not having community or friends? At Intown Chabad we gather young Jewish in their 20's every single Friday night for a festive Shabbat meal which enables the many young people who come to our city a place to call home. We welcome everyone regardless of identity (religious or otherwise). These consistent Shabbat meals provide a place for young Jews to meet, an entree point to our larger community and a space to grow their Jewish connection.

During the past 3 years, we have served 8,876 Shabbat and holiday meals - that's a lot of Chicken soup! An average Shabbat has 30-50 people in attendance. Weekly it works out to about 40x$25=$1000

For $1000 you can sponsor a Shabbat in Uptown and build our Dallas Jewish community one meal at a time.

Thank you for considering and being so dedicated to the Dallas Jewish community.

Amount Requested: $1,000

Akiba would like to integrate DrumFIT and The Mileage Club into our athletic program to encourage our students to live healthfully and do well in school.

Countless studies have proven that when children exercise their academic performance in the classroom improves. These programs are good for the brain and great for the body. We want to teach kids to love cardio fitness for life. If kids have a positive experience with physical activity when they are young they will be more likely to be physically active as they age. DrumFIT addresses students' physical, emotional, and intellectual needs, making fitness easy to teach and a blast to learn. DrumFIT, a rhythmic workout inspired by drumming, is a non-competitive program that allows everyone to get fit together. DrumFIT's program pairs high-quality drumsticks and giant exercise balls with a digital curriculum that upgrades monthly.

The Mileage Club is a streamlined fitness program for children. Kids run and walk. Their laps get tracked and recorded. They get rewarded. Students are motivated and encouraged to set and meet exercise goals in a positive, peer-supported way. During a run club session, each time a student completes a lap they scan their QR code as they pass the tablet. Every time they scan their QR code they can see their progress on the screen as well as receive some fun encouragement from the tablet. Once the running club session has been completed for the day, it will sync and update each child's progress.

Amount Requested: $2,500

The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) provides interest-free loans to members of the Greater Dallas Jewish community. The organization (established in 1935) is organized to fulfill the Biblical commandment of Exodus 22:24 to lend to the poor and needy. DHFLA has several loan programs addressing a variety of needs. The newest products include: adoption/ infertility loans and higher education consolidation loans that meet the needs of the growing young Jewish population in Dallas. DHFLA would be thankful to obtain funds from the Funder's File for a business application upgrade. We need to modernize the way we do business. Our current resources hamper our ability to meet the needs of our clients and run the organization efficiently.

This request includes:
• updating our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We have an older version of DonorPerfect which has us relying on spreadsheets and outdated databases to manage all contacts. This is inefficient and reduces the service we can provide to our donors and clients.
• obtaining a new Loan Management System. We use Quick-books for financials but it is not able to handle longer-term loans for our clients. A new LMS will provide a user-friendly interface and offer a client environment with enhanced loan balance information.

A $5,000 donation would be sufficient to cover both of these needs to help our organization serve the greater Dallas Jewish community. Thank you for your consideration.

Amount Requested: $5,000

Aggies have been saying HOWDY! for generations. Isn't it time they say SHALOM!, too? YOU can make that happen! We are seeking funding for one year for an introductory modern Hebrew course at A&M Hillel to address our students' desire to learn Hebrew and to make A&M more attractive to prospective Jewish applicants.

While A&M is actually very hospitable to Jewish students, the lack of a Jewish studies program and a small Jewish population (300+/-) contribute to the perception that A&M is "not where you go" if you are looking for Jewish life. Changing this perception is a priority of ours as we seek to grow the Jewish community at A&M and, subsequently, increase our donor base.

Unfortunately, Texas A&M University has not prioritized funding a Hebrew course, even though Modern Hebrew appears in the course catalog and Jewish and non-Jewish students alike have expressed interest in learning Hebrew. According to the chair of the Department of International Studies, though, "if a funding source is located, we are good to go." Hillel's plan, therefore, is to both fund the course and run it in Hillel's spacious facility.

Our immediate intent is to offer Hebrew for one or two years to gage the demand for Hebrew instruction. In the long run, we hope to demonstrate to the university that an investment in Hebrew is in its best interest so that it will offer the course officially and fund it on its own. Cease this opportunity to say SHALOM! in Aggieland!

Amount Requested: $15,000

Recent data shows that in spite of decades-long efforts to give women greater access to educational and career opportunities, they hold less than 15% of executive positions and less than 5% of the CEO positions in corporate America. A Harvard study shows that four in ten women will raise their hand in class, while ten of ten men will raise theirs. This speaks to a clear need to provide young women with something beyond the intended curriculum they are learning in school; Something that will develop leadership skills which will enable them to have greater impact, whether on their family, community or in the work place. The Mesorah Leadership Academy is a new, innovative program that seeks to empower high school-aged young women. The program will teach and develop a multitude of leadership skills through traditional classroom learning, presentations from thought-leaders in our community and experiential learning. The Leadership Academy will commence in January, 2018, and community stakeholders are involved in crafting the aspects of leadership upon which this program will focus. After a successful implementation with our students, phase two will be to offer this experience to all Jewish high school girls in Dallas with an ultimate goal of impacting girls across the US.

Amount Requested: $50,000

Hillel enriches the lives of students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Hillels of North Texas is inspiring the next generation of future leaders here in Dallas and Denton. At this moment in time on campuses, Israel education and advocacy is crucial for the continued support of the Jewish state in the U.S. for years to come. Today's student leaders are tomorrow's public officers, stakeholders, and community leaders.

In April 2018, Hillels of North Texas is hosting a full week of Israel programs at the University of North Texas campus in Denton that will reach over 500 students through events focused on different aspects of Israeli culture and society. The student Israel chair and her committee are already working diligently to organize the events and on-board other student groups to co-sponsor events throughout the week. Programs will include: Israeli movie screening and discussion, Israel dance celebration, and as a concluding event, Israeli Shabbat. Thank you for supporting your local Hillel in North Texas. Hillels of North Texas serves students at the University of North Texas, University of Texas at Dallas and local community colleges. Hillel initiatives include: student-led Shabbat services and dinner, holiday celebrations, Israel education and travel, Jewish experiential learning, and leadership opportunities.

Amount Requested: $8,500


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