Funders' File Spring 2017

Welcome to our online edition of Funders' File, a publication of special programs in our community which are in need of support.

Building a strong future for the Dallas Jewish community has always been a priority, and we extend our enthusiasm in bringing to you several worthy organizations and initiatives. When the DJCF started 40+ years ago, no one imagined or expected that the landscape of the Dallas Jewish community would be as expansive and diverse as it currently is today. This is why a few years ago the DJCF created Funders' File as an opportunity to spotlight our Jewish agencies and their creative ventures. Submission to Funders' File are voluntarily provided by qualifying organizations, and offers a valuable resource to our generous fundholders who enjoy receiving the publication, as well as for whomever visits our website.

Click on an agency or title below and the description will automatically appear. Projects are submitted voluntarily, and are listed in the order they are received.

If you are a DJCF fundholder, and wish to support any of the below projects, please use your traditional method of grant recommending. If you are not currently a fundholder, please click here and enter the name of agency and the words Funders' File in the description. If you have any questions, please contact Jaycee Greenblatt at Thank you for your interest in enriching Jewish life in Dallas.

As Jews, we are guided by the Torah's various instructions to not stand by silently, as well as our obligation and responsibility towards seeking justice. In the wake of the tragic events surrounding our law enforcers and first responders one year ago, the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation became inspired to help make a difference through the creation of a new fund, the First Responders Appreciation Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. This fund was established to thank our First Responders for being away from their families to protect and care for us. This year, this new fund supported the delivery of treats and sweets to first responders on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let us continue to keep our spirit of unity alive by rallying together as a community to show our gratitude for those who make it their duty to care for our safety.

Amount Requested: any gift is appreciated

Recent events have highlighted divisions in our country. Temple Emanu-El seeks to build bridges between people of all faiths through an interfaith musical fellowship which emphasizes education, relationship creation, and shared musical experiences. Temple Emanu-El believes that when people of different faiths and backgrounds talk with one another, learn about each other and our backgrounds, and participate in music together, we build a stronger community. Music will be the means for the creation of bonds between people of all faiths. This interfaith musical fellowship will share its songs and experiences with congregations throughout the Dallas area.

Temple Emanu-El seeks $10,000 to fund the initial start-up of this fellowship which will support outreach advertising, facility costs, sheet music, food, and musical leadership. This initiative will be led by Cantor Vicky Glikin of Temple Emanu-El.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Whether it is language therapy for a child with a speech delay or dyslexia, an upgraded wheelchair for a physically handicapped child or behavioral training for a child with autism, a special school for a student with a learning difference or a comprehensive assessment for ADHD, JCRS explores and addresses each situation individually with sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect.

Currently, in Greater Dallas alone, JCRS is supporting 20 or more individual special needs cases totaling more than $100,000 in direct financial assistance to Jewish children and families. This year, the numbers who need and will receive our services will be even higher, as a number of new cases are under review for funding.

A grant in the amount of $18,000 would allow for additional funding to vulnerable Jewish special needs children and families in Dallas to receive direct financial support for the care, treatment and educational interventions necessary to benefit the child. Every dollar allocated for this program is based on the totality of the child's needs and the opportunities for successful outcomes.

For more information about our history, programs and services, visit

Amount Requested: $18,000

The Teen Leadership Boot Camp is designed for Jewish teens between 9th and 12th grades. The program is created to teach leadership skills that will prepare teens to lead today and into the future for Jewish Organizations. In the 8 month Leadership Boot Camp, informative sessions will be held twice a month. They will hear from experts in a variety of fields including profit and non-profit businesses and organizations. The sessions will also include speakers, TED and ELI talks, interviews, and mentoring sessions that will give them knowledge and experience to help them grow their leadership skills. They will have the opportunity to learn how to work in teams and build networks as well as furthering their development through individual assignments. This opportunity and experience will begin a life-long commitment to leadership roles in the Jewish Community.

The program is limited to 20 teens and acceptance will be based on application and interview.

Amount Requested: $15,000

In 1953, with Dallas Home for the Jewish Aged, The Legacy Senior Communities established a foundation of caring for Jewish seniors and their families. In this dynamic field, we continue to evolve in order to provide the lifestyle and the quality of care our seniors and their families deserve. Our Jewish seniors desire to stay connected to the community. They wish to be near family, to be genuinely cared for and treated with dignity and respect, to enjoy new experiences and to live in a safe, environment that enriches their lives.

Their desires are realized in The Legacy Midtown Park. This new Jewish-sponsored rental continuing care retirement community will provide that connection to the Jewish community and a standard of living available to more seniors today and for generations to come. Located on ten acres on Manderville Lane, between Meadow and Royal just east of US-75, The Legacy Midtown Park will be convenient to area hospitals, medical buildings, synagogues and the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center.

In order to realize our vision of creating a Jewish rental continuing care retirement community in Dallas, we have embarked on a $15 million donor-driven capital campaign to raise the equity required for financing and to begin construction. This is an historic moment – one where the community's need and the generosity of donors combine to impact generations of Jewish families. For over 60 years, The Legacy Senior Communities has served seniors in our community; The Legacy Midtown Park will continue that rich tradition.

Amount Requested: $5,000,000 to goal

There is a great need for a fresh, new book which Jews of all backgrounds can turn to for a concise, deep and satisfying answer to any Jewish question they may have, one which covers the gamut of philosophical and moral issues, current scientific thought, the Jewish people, life-cycles and around the Jewish year.

For the past 15 years I have been writing the "Ask the Rabbi" column for the Texas Jewish Post, addressing the most basic Jewish questions presented by Jews from across the Metroplex and of all ages and backgrounds. The column has achieved much popularity and is read by thousands of Jews weeekly. A quality publishing company based in Israel, Mosaica Press, has seen these columns and feels very strongly that they could utilize them to fulfill the need described above. Their vision is a beautifully-crafted three-volume work entitled "The Encyclopedia of Jewish Thought". Mosaica Press is convinced that given the rich content and popular writing style, this is a book they could try to get into every Jewish home and give Jews the satisfying answers they are seeking for themselves, their children and their gentile co-worker who has presented them a question.

It will require a massive editing effort to transform and massage many disconnected columns into a cogent work, but one they feel they can tackle and do well. Many are very excited about this possibility, and the funding will be a tremendous investment into Jewish learning, pride and future!

Memorial and honorary pages are available.

Amount Requested: $60,000

The Dallas Jewish Historical Society Archive contains thousands of undigitized photos, documents and scrapbooks that tell the story of events, people, places, and objects, with more accepted for processing each day. These precious items tell the stories of our Jewish community's 150-year history. To scan the photos and pages, and upload the digital files to the cloud for storage and to our website for discovery and enjoyment, requires a high-volume overhead book scanner. This equipment gives volunteers, regardless of training or experience with digitization, the ability to create high-quality, high-definition scans of books, oversized documents, simultaneous multiple photographs, and large objects.

The accompanying software allows users to automatically crop, straighten, rotate, and enhance images. This scanner and software, along with the high-quality images it creates, will significantly reduce the amount of volunteer training time needed and significantly improve the efficiency of our massive digitization effort, which is a critical part of our unique Archive. With the purchase of this scanner/software solution, the DJHS will enable members of the community to access and help identify these photos more quickly, through our website, from their own computers and, to bring their own photos in to add digital images to the community's Archive.

These digital scans preserve the visual history of the Greater Dallas Jewish community, and enables DJHS to tell the stories that are vital to save and share. Some matching funds are available, and DJHS has raised 5% of the total needed on GoFundMe.

Amount Requested: $6,000

Education concerning addictions and their destructive impact, signs and symptoms, and the resources available for help, is a critical first step in assisting individuals, families and our community address a challenge that is frequently denied. Research underscores the pervasiveness of addictive behaviors:
- 1 in 10 people aged 12+ use illicit drugs (Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality 2015)
- 1 in 12 adults abuse alcohol (national Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, 2015)
- 51% of Texas adolescents in grades 7-12 have used alcohol
- 26% of Texas Secondary Students have used marijuana (Substance Abuse Trends in Texas: June 2015)

Community rabbis, youth group leaders, educators and JFS staff all report many interactions with people with a wide variety of addictions. Rabbi Abraham Tweski, M.D., founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center notes: "There is no reason to believe the numbers of Jews affected by addictions is any less than that of the general population." A $40,000 grant will establish the Addiction Awareness Partnership, building on the successful presentations prepared and presented by JFS, Temple Emanu-El, and Beth Torah in 2017. Goals are to:
- Create a partnership among Jewish Community organizations that provides addiction education to children, teens, adults, older adults;
- Inform regarding resources;
- Develop peer and organizational supports; and
- Facilitate psycho-educational groups.

This grant will support a part time JFS professional, experienced in the area of addiction education and treatment, who will organize the partnership and facilitate its programming.

Amount Requested: $55,000

Adat Chaverim, the Reform synagogue in North Plano, is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and our congregation of 210 families has taken the first long-awaited step toward constructing our own building. For twenty years we have leased space in a shopping center.

We have purchased five acres of land in South Frisco and plan, with our architectural firm, Landau/Zinder Architects, to complete pre-construction work by early 2018. We believe a new location, with pride of ownership, will attract the Jewish population of north Texas (Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding towns)as they continue their exponential growth.

Our new home will be the opportunity, and we hope you share our excitement,to extend the DFW Metroplex Jewish presence into the northern suburbs populated with young families and a transitioning workforce anxious for the familiarity of Jewish connections in new communities.

An area which we feel is important when we open our doors is a multi-functional outdoor space, attractively landscaped and shaded with some seating. In surveying our congregation, this is one aspect of a new building and location that excites everyone, since it is completely missing in our concrete shopping center. The space will be designed to accommodate religious events, socializing and children's informal play. With many building priorities fighting for attention, a donation in any amount towards completing this goal would be greatly appreciated and make our new place of worship equally beautiful inside and out.

Amount Requested: any gift is appreciated

The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) requests $1,000 to update our office technology to position ourselves to more efficiently service the Jewish community with our interest free loan products.

The Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association is the only organization in the Dallas Area which aids members of the Jewish Community in the form of life changing interest free loans. These loans help clients to prevail against a variety of today's challenges, ranging from unemployment to unexpected health care needs, and life enrichment. Our newest interest free loan programs include Higher Education Consolidation, Jewish Day school/Preschool and Adaption/Fertility Treatment Loan Programs. We provide "A hand up, not a handout" ensuring that self-respect and dignity are maintained.

The DHFLA offers eight loan programs: Emergency Assistance, Healthcare, Education, General Needs, Jewish Youth Experience, Jewish Day School/Preschool, Higher Education Consolidation and Adoption/Fertility Treatment loans.

As clients repay their loans, the funds are available to assist others, thus insuring that donations to the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association are recycled in perpetuity. For more information about our programs, visit us at, e-mail us at or call us directly at (214) 696-8008.

Amount Requested: $1,000

The Museum is fortunate to have a number of beloved Holocaust Survivors living in the Dallas area who volunteer their time as speakers and docents. They regularly share their harrowing stories of survival and resilience with students and adult tour groups at the Museum, and they teach the lessons learned from the Holocaust by sharing their testimonies throughout North Texas.

Many Survivors have ambulatory issues, and many can no longer drive. The Museum arranges and pays for transportation for Survivors to and from the Museum and to social events throughout the community, including an annual Purim Party, Hanukkah Party, Hope for Humanity dinner, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the Yom Hashoah annual dinner and prayer minyan.

The cost of transportation has increased steadily and currently is budgeted to be $12,000 in 2017. The Museum seeks contributions to help fund these expenses so that we can continue providing transportation to our Survivors.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Yaldeinu, fellowship for the Jewish future, is an innovative and exciting opportunity to help provide young Jewish families with the support, learning and experiences necessary to impart the beauty of our heritage to their children.

The vision of this program is to develop an exclusive fellowship- a meaningful, learning-centered community of parents with preschool children. The intention of this program is to create a tight-knit social group of young families committed to the Jewish future by providing these couples with ongoing privileged Jewish social and learning experiences.

Over the course of two years, meeting monthly, families will follow a specially designed curriculum to deepen their understanding of their roles as leaders in their homes and by extension, their communities.

This project is currently underway. It is a joint project of the Avi Chai Foundation, the Kohelet Foundation, and The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) and our local Chabad Center. I have substantial material to present this project in greater detail and would be happy to make a presentation in person.

Curriculum Objectives
- To provide participants the skills in order to grow as an intentional, thoughtful parent.
- To increase in the participants Jewish self-awareness and identity so as to impart these values to their children as they enter the secular world.
- To expose and inspire the participants to become active members of their community.

Amount Requested: $6,000

Texas Hillel is a true pluralistic space. You've walked into an unfamiliar space and hear the chanting of the Orthodox minyan, students strumming the guitar in the reform service, melodies sung in the conservative service and a student leading a social justice focused discussion. After participating in one of the services, you join the entire community for a free, kosher, festive meal. So regardless of background or tradition, students truly have the space to practice in the way that feels right to them, and that might be different each week. This is Shabbat at Texas Hillel where students create their community and build their own Jewish experience.

Shabbat at Texas Hillel is a true highlight of the week with an atmosphere that both encourages consistent widespread participation and feels homie, like camp. Our student leaders and interns use their skills they've learned to build networks, welcome new students as a means to engage more Jewish students at UT Austin. Our strategies are resulting in an increase attendance, the largest this semester was over 240. Students are staying longer into the evening, and they are attending more regularly. Seeing students gathered to share the end of the week, Texas Hillel provides a community and home away from home for students. The need continues to grow based on the increase in attendance and reach. We know from both anecdotally and through our data, Shabbat is one of the key ways we are building the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Amount Requested: $65,000

The joy of a Shabbat dinner is an appealing way to bring young Jewish families to experience delicious food, song, stories for the children and being to together.

We would like to open our doors to our Shul, which is known for its warmth, in order to be the catalyst for young families that may not have experienced welcoming Shabbat, or may have fond memories from home or college. They may be new to Dallas and looking for connections and friends. This will be a good way to introduce them to the Dallas Jewish community. They will our Rabbi Zell and a talented Early childhood teacher who will bring it all together.

We are asking for funding for a mailing list in order to invite the young families and to promote this opportunity.

Amount Requested: $2,500


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