Funders' File Spring 2018 Edition

Welcome to our online edition of Funders' File, a publication of special programs in our community which are in need of support.

Building a strong future for the Dallas community has always been a priority, and we extend our enthusiasm in bringing to you several worthy organizations and initiatives. Submissions to Funders' File are voluntarily provided by qualifying organizations, and offer a valuable resource to you, our generous fundholders. Click on an agency or title below and the description will automatically appear. Projects are listed in the order they are received.

If you are a DJCF fundholder, and wish to support any of the below projects, please use your traditional method of grant recommending. If you are not currently a fundholder, please click here and enter the name of agency and the words Funders' File in the description. We invite you to make a difference in our community by supporting one of these worthy projects below.

If you have any questions, please contact Jaycee Greenblatt at

Created three years ago, the First Responders Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation has been used to say, thank you, to hundreds of men and women on duty who are protecting and serving our community. The goal of the fund is to remind them that we appreciate all they do to help keep us safe. In December of 2017, this special fund provided a feeling of love and appreciation to First Responders during the holiday season by orchestrating the delivery of dessert trays to Fire stations, Police stations and emergency call centers. From Dallas to Wylie, and Richardson to Addison, families and individuals delivered trays from all over our community. Many volunteers offered to drive far distances to insure that even those that are not in the limelight received the recognition they deserve. Some families made their delivery with multiple generations in tow, and others brought their spouse or siblings. It was a feel good moment for everyone involved, and it is thanks to generous donors like you, that the DJCF was able to purchase all of the trays. We hope to see this program grow, and with additional donations, we will be able to increase volunteer participation, the number of special deliveries provided throughout the year, and thus give thanks to many more First Responders.

Amount Requested: any gift is appreciated

Foster Kids Charity Inc. is 501(c) 3 non-profit organization who cares for foster children & youth in Texas. At this time, we are working in partnership with Child Protective to celebrate foster youth who graduated from high school. While most 18-year-olds are rejoicing over their high school graduation, many kids "aging out" of the child welfare system hardly get a moment to celebrate before facing tough choices about their future. These kids lose much of their support system just in time to face the challenges of the adult world. Now begins the daunting task of using their skills and resources to begin life on their own.

On May 28, 2018, foster youths will be honored and recognized for their educational achievement against all odds. Our charity will provide the individuals with scholarship funds, laptops, educational materials and personal items that will serve them while attending college. We hope to have the financial support of you and/or your company in order to serve all 38 graduates!

Funds needed for the following:
Scholarship funds – supporting foster teens $250.00 each of the 38 teens
Laptops (38) – Budget $175.00 each, Suitcases with supplies for college, gift cards for food
Honoree Plaques, food & décor, stationary, goody bags, sponsorship packets
Total requested for 38 foster teens (laptops & scholarship funds) $16150.00

Amount Requested: $16,150

Over the past decade the AFJCC has embarked upon a systematic, layered security approach based on funds available. Our first step was the installation of security cameras. Next a grant from the Department of Homeland Security funded a partial perimeter fence. Finally security guards and off duty police officers were hired. A new guardhouse and entry was constructed emphasizing our need to vet anyone entering the campus. Thankfully the AFJCC, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Department of Homeland Security and generous donors have helped us reach this point. Each day thousands enter and exit the AFJCC. With hundreds of programs and thousands of meetings, the AFJCC is busy from the moment we open until the time we close. We have a diverse population where all are welcome regardless of race, age, or religious denomination. We are the heart of the Jewish Community and reach more than 50,000 individuals from 13,000 households. We have over 200 preschool children here daily and during the summer 700 campers. Each day we also have undreds of seniors with us. Annually the AFJCC hosts the community wide Israel Independence Day celebration, the Bagel Run; a large community run held on Mother's Day, and many more big events drawing large crowds. Securing all of those who enter our campus is above all else, and continues to be our highest priority. Our request is to support the on-going rising operational costs. The AFJCC remains focused on providing a safe campus for our community.

Amount Requested: annual budget - $280,000

Ann & Nate Levine Academy has a need for a new, up-to-date playground for our toddler children. The young toddlers will utilize this space for their play, their learning, and their development. The current playground is in need of repair and not fitting for this age group. We are looking for donations from our community to get this project started and transform this amazing space for our students.

Amount Requested: $100,000

West Dallas is one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the United States. Approximately 96% of students come from economically disadvantaged families and 100% qualify for the Dallas Independent School District (DISD)'s Free Lunch program. Many students cannot afford to buy the uniform required by DISD and have no money for backpacks or binders. Other families can afford only one uniform and, as a result, their children arrive at school in dirty clothes, creating difficult and embarrassing social situations for themselves and others.

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Dallas Section, has partnered with 6 West Dallas elementary schools and the West Dallas Multipurpose Center to provide uniforms (587), backpacks (500), binders (500), underwear and socks for children in grades K through 2 in these 6 schools, as well as underwear and socks of all sizes for the schools' clothes closets for emergency use. We also have organized an after-school reading club in which Hockaday 5th graders meet and participate in activities with 2nd and 3rd grade students.

We request a grant of $5000 to help provide supplies and clothing for these children. Total FY 2017-2018 budget: $34,665. Our goal is to double the number of students served in the coming school year. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Amount Requested: $5,000

TDSD would like to build a school library to support our core programs, and will greatly enhance the educational experience for the children of Dallas. This library would be multi-discipline in nature and offer both physical books, group instruction, individual technology, and quiet spaces for both General Studies and Judaic Studies. The impact of having built in library time for each student each week will allow formal training of additional skills such as; research skills, typing skills, collaborative teamwork, and enhanced study skills.

This project will impact over 350 students each year. All of those students are Jewish and active members of the greater Jewish community. In addition to specific skills that will be taught to students, a library will also allow us to bring in outside resources to support and supplement the resources in the library. Guest speakers and exhibits related to topics learned in the curriculum could be held in the library.

Amount Requested: $10,000

This project is a juried architectural competition and exhibition for "outside the box" artistic, creative Sukkahs. The winning entries will be erected and on display during the week of Sukkoth, 2018 at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. TJAA envisions the project both as a new, innovative design competition and as an outreach opportunity for the Jewish community to connect with the greater Dallas/Fort Worth population. The feature event will take place on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018. We hope to attract many hundreds of people on that day and more participants for scheduled activities during the rest of the week. TJAA began planning this event in 2015, with the idea that the first competition/exhibition would be held in Dallas during Sukkoth 2018, with a similar competition/exhibition the following year in Fort Worth during Sukkoth 2019. The overarching goal is the promotion of tolerance and understanding by educating and sharing the beauty of this most ancient Jewish tradition. Sukkoth highlights the importance of a safe refuge against the elements and reminds us of those in our cities who are homeless or under-housed, dislocated and estranged, and their need to establish homes of their own. For this reason, TJAA has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Jewish Family Services as beneficiaries of funds raised during this event. $1800 donors will be listed as sponsors in all our printed materials, our website (, and on signage at the exhibition site.

Amount Requested: $20,000

The Chevra is Dallas' orthodox burial society, but cares for Jews regardless of affiliation, and serves funeral homes across North Texas. Unfortunately, increasingly in recent years, economics have dictated the choice of cremation over burial. Abraham's caring for Sarah established a fundamental Jewish principle: that burial preserves the dignity of the deceased. The Chevra is establishing a fund to be able to assist families in an emotionally and financially challenging time. The Chevra plans to supplement what a family would pay for a cremation, and pay the difference between cremation and burial. Additionally, the Chevra's burial fund would be able to front funeral costs until an insurance reimbursement is received. The Chevra's goal is to eliminate the economic barrier to burial, so that all Jews can emulate our forefather Abraham's example.

Amount Requested: $36,000

Project DOR L'DOR is an initiative to start a new Jewish community for young Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations to provide the benefits of Jewish community to the next generation.

What inspired Project DOR L'DOR?

The engaging programming of YJC (Young Jewish Couples) has successfully reconnected many couples to their Jewish roots. The warmth and acceptance of YJC facilitated its growth from a few couples in 2013 to close to 200 yearly participants in 2017. Through weekend relationship building Shabbatons, couples game nights, Torah classes, counseling and more, many couples have found their Jewish home in YJC. As our participant couples began purchasing homes, we discovered that although many desired to live in the Jewish community, and eventually raise their children there, the current areas were unaffordable.

Determined to create a solution, the Honigsfelds and Segals kick-started the DOR L'DOR project. Less than 20 minutes away from the current Jewish communities, we found a beautiful area in a great school district. Richardson is near Jewish day schools and kosher eateries and offers housing at a significantly lower price. Startup costs for this community initiative is $500,000. This includes purchasing a property, converting it into a Jewish center, furnishing it and quality programming. This center will enable us to further our mission of continued community for the next generation of DFW Jewry.

We look towards the generosity of the current leaders of DFW to help pass on the values of Jewish community m'dor l'dor (from generation to generation).

Amount Requested: $500,000

Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association (DHFLA) has been helping the greater Dallas Jewish community for over 80 years, by providing INTEREST FREE loans to those in need. Our loans change lives by providing quick assistance.

We are extremely proud of our adoption, fertility, and our higher education consolidation interest free loans. These loans are helping young couples create the next generation of Jewish residents. DHFLA's education consolidation loans are allowing our North Texas Jewish community residents the opportunity to continue their education, and once completed, not be immediately saddled with years of high interest debt.

DHFLA's adoption and fertility loans, along with our higher education and education consolidation loans have been extremely successful over the past few years (WITH NO DELINQUENCIES). Because these loans have a higher loan limit, our available funds are diminishing rapidly. The DHFLA would greatly appreciates an infusion of capital to allow us to continue to offer these life changing interest free loans and expand our ability to reach more of our community in need.

Your contribution is that you are not just helping one individual or one family, as a loan is repaid, the money is recycled to the next loan. Money donated today will have far reaching effects for decades to come.

Amount Requested: $18,000

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is home to a significant and growing collection of Holocaust artifacts. We have received thousands of items from community members who have entrusted us with preserving their family legacies. Artifacts speak powerfully about each survivor's story and assist us in our mission to teach the history of the Holocaust to combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference. Artifacts also help the Museum preserve the memory of the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

To preserve these artifacts for future generations, we have need of the services of expert conservationists who can help us repair and protect fragile textile items, including seven concentration camp prisoner uniforms, arm bands, and Star of David patches. These conservationists will do important work to prepare these textiles for display in the new Museum. $20,000 is needed to provide professional evaluation, repair, and conservation of these artifacts to ensure they last for generations to come.

Amount Requested: $20,000

The Legacy at Home is a not for profit home health care agency offering Medicare-certified home health care and quality personal assistance services. Dallas is home to the 10th largest senior population in the nation. Many of them are low-income seniors. There is a growing number of seniors in the Jewish community living alone with no family support; a growing number are going home from inpatient facility stays without proper help. If a senior does not have the financial means to hire a private caregiver, they are often alone and isolated or putting themselves at risk for re-hospitalization and/or injury. Each month Legacy at Home has applicants from Jewish seniors that need financial assistance for their care. To help these seniors,we offer personal assistance on a sliding scale,but the majority of these seniors cannot afford to pay anything. Our Financial Assistance Fund allows us to care for those in need. We provide assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, eating, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, companionship, recovery from illness, and transition home from hospital. This fund allows us to improve quality of life and keep our seniors safe.

Amount Requested: $20,000

Our savory Shabbat program incorporates a social and interactive atmosphere. The program includes Israel Solidarity Shabbat, guest speakers, Israel Birthright, Breast Cancer Awareness, and other themes that add relevance and awareness about the world and brings students together as a community where we help strengthen their ties to each other and the community.

AEPHI, ZBT, Sammy, and AEPI respectively sponsor Shabbat with attendees often reaching 200. The core values of fraternity/sorority life on most campuses do not typically include Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat dinner but at UT, they do. The fraternities and sororities play an active role at Shabbat programming.

We average 147 attendees a week. We appeal to the widest spectrum of Jewish students from all walks of life: the fraternities, sororities, the unaffiliated, and the newcomers on campus.

This anchor program is a catalyst for invigorating Jewish life on Campus and beyond. Once a student experiences this program they will come back again and again. It is a portal to the Jewish community for many students who were previously uninvolved. Students who have attended Shabbat programming get involved in our social and educational programming and the social action aspects.

A sense of family and community are vital to students, especially being so far from home. It's imperative to reach out and engage young Jews on campus.

We invite you to sponsor a Friday Night Live Program for $1800 where you can help impact the lives of Jewish students at UT (many of whom are from Dallas). Thank you!

Amount Requested: $1800 per Shabbat

Funds are requested to allow senior staff attendance at regional and national workshops relevant to the work of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society. Staff who attend conferences or online training not only increase their knowledge base on behalf of the organization, but attendance is seen as benefit, an incentive and increases longevity in the position. We would like to send the Archivist to the Northeast Document Conservation Center Digital Directions Conference in August 2018, to increase her knowledge of digital project planning, standards and best practices in Digital Preservation. This aligns with our current goal of becoming a fully digital repository by our 50 anniversary year in 2021.

Sending the Executive Director to the Southern Jewish Historical Society Annual Conference promotes the collection of new ideas, new contacts for both our archival work and our lecture series, and the development of relationships with other historical societies throughout the southern region. Learning from one's peers and gaining new perspectives on avenues for program development, fund development and other areas of historical society administration, provides valuable tools for executive development and the health of the agency.

As a small agency, we are not able to regularly provide such advantages to our staff in spite of the benefits which accrue to both the organization and the individual staff members.

Amount Requested: $3500

The project is Engagement and Connection. Hillel at Texas A&M will reach out to Jewish students who are attending A&M as early as possible. We will hire 3-4 current undergraduate students who have attended at least one year at Texas A&M's main campus. These students will be responsible for reaching out to incoming students and maintaining a connection throughout the student's first year.

The initial contact with known incoming students will occur the summer before the student starts their fall semester. This will most likely be by phone or email. For all other first year students, we will assign a student engagement specialist to the new students as soon as they attend their first Hillel event.

Every year, we average 40 new freshmen and first year students that register for building access at Hillel. After the school year begins, each student engagement specialist will interact with their assigned first year students at least once a month. Contact must be face-to-face interactions and may include coffee, dinner, study sessions, or just going for a walk. This is an opportunity for students to get to know each other, talk about their Jewish journey, and encourage participation in Hillel programs.

Hillel staff will meet weekly with the engagement specialists to assess their ongoing engagement efforts and to offer advice. Engagement specialists are expected to keep track of the number and types of interactions with each first year student and submit this data to Hillel staff for interaction and progress reports.

Amount Requested: $50,000

In 2018 alone, 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 14,000 will die from the disease. If ovarian cancer is found early, before it spreads outside the ovaries, 93% of patients survive more han 5 years after diagnosis. Unfortunately, only 19% of cases are detected when cancer is confined to the ovaries. The overall 5-year survival rate of ovarian cancer is only 45%. Be The Difference Foundation wants to improve the survival rates for ovarian cancer!

In a survey by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, 89% of women were unaware of ovarian cancer symptoms before being diagnosed. However, 81% of the respondents realize in hindsight that symptoms existed before diagnosis, with these symptoms being confused with irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menopause, stress, or other ailments. Genetic factors also greatly increase a woman's risk of ovarian cancer, especially among the Ashkenazi Jewish community.

Be The Difference Foundation would like to implement a public awareness campaign of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer. We want to encourage women to listen to their bodies and advocate to their physicians if they have any of the symptoms of ovarian cancer or genetic risk factors. We want men to realize they can pass on the genetic predisposition for ovarian cancer to their daughters. And, we want ovarian cancer – and the color teal – to be as recognizable as pink. We need your help to engage a PR firm to support this effort for 6 months, culminating in September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Amount Requested: $15000


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