• More Than You Can Imagine

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    Each month the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation writes checks for grants to wonderful non-profit organizations, both Jewish and secular, here in Dallas and around the world. Many of the organizations I’m sure you know and would expect to see on a list of our grants. But, I think the scope and variety of our grant recipients may surprise you. Every few weeks we will update this list so you get a true feel of the power of our philanthropic work which is fueled by the passions of our fundholders. A Sampling: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JET John Hopkins University Shul of Bal Harbour Ramah Darom, Inc. Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless Chicago Police Memorial Foundat…
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  • One moment...one hero...one memory

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    Mona Allen (left) is joined by Alan Alspaugh of Eagle Strategies and Lynne Candler, Vice President at Frost Wealth Advisors. Alan and Lynne serve on the advisory committee of the Protect the Protector Fund. In my role I am often asked to describe what the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation does. It's a question that I love to answer, although the answer can be complicated. The foundation has so many doorways to philanthropy it's just not a simple answer. But my perspective has changed. Today, I think the answer has become simple. It started with our Director of Scholarships and Programs, Mona Allen, who came to my office to discuss a site visit she made. I could tell something special had taken place; Mona's face was almost…
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  • Cowards

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    There is a line from the famous work “Man of la Mancha”, that goes “If life itself seems lunatic who knows where madness really lies.” That quote keeps running through my head as I read the news. According to the latest FBI tracking, there were more Jewish hate crime victims than victims of all other religious groups combined. “...On college campuses, anti-Semitism is spiking at an alarming rate coast to coast,” said Kenneth L. Marcus, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights under Law. We are watching a fifth wave of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers across the country along with Jewish schools and institutions. At least seventy bomb threats have been received i…
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  • A Word of Caution

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    It should come as no surprise that we often find ourselves talking to potential new fundholders or organizational accounts. It is also no surprise that the first thing we hear is how much more inexpensive the national discount brokerage firms philanthropic options are, and that they are going to use that low fee as their yardstick in making a decision. That may be a factor but I would urge extreme caution in making that the key factor. So what are the reasons for choosing the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation(DJCF) over a low cost brokerage’s foundation? 1. The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation is the financial and fiduciary backbone of the Dallas Jewish community. By creating a fund with DJCF you are investing in the Jewish commu…
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  • Appreciation

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    It is an interesting time on our calendars.  The Foundation has just held its first Annual Meeting and as a nation we watched the results of a hotly contested election, remembered Veterans’ Day, and are about to celebrate Thanksgiving. Now I know these four events are not equal in historical relevance, but they are related.  One word ties them all together:  appreciation. The guest speaker at our Annual Meeting reminded us to be thankful and to appreciate our ability to be generous. Our generosity serves as a legacy to those who came before us. We appreciate our nation.  The day after the most hotly contested election in anyone’s memory, there were no armed troops in the streets, just a peaceful transit…
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  • The Ties That Unite Us

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    Charity, charite, caridad, nachsten liebe, carity. These are the words for charity in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. An important word, charity, important in any language. But I think you may have noticed that I did not include the Hebrew word for charity. And that is because there is none. In the Hebrew language there is simply no word for charity. Instead we have and use the word TZEDAKAH which translates as justice. The Jewish faith simply does not allow us to consider charity as an option.  Jewish teaching demands it. It is an obligation of faith to seek out justice, to aid the poor, to comfort the neglected, to care for the ill, and to support education. For the betterment of a quality of life for our community…
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  • Numbers...Vision...Mission

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    Three words that are not usually strung together in the same thought. Numbers. Have you ever noticed that our world is made up of three kinds of people? Those who understand math and those who don’t. But you don’t need to be a math wizard to understand some basic numbers. 1,705,244 - the dollar amount of college scholarships that the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation has awarded this year. 536 - the number of students who have attained their degrees through the assistance of our scholarship program. 117,480 - the dollar amount of this year’s college scholarship awards. 33 - the number of college scholarships we awarded this year. 12 - the number of scholarships we awarded in Israel to Ethiopian st…
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  • Remember, we’re all in this together

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    Normally, this time of year, I like to join the tradition of Purim and write a Purim shpeil. You’ve all read them, making silly things sound real, making the impossible possible. It’s something I enjoy.  But this year is different. This year when I sat down to write my spoof of reality I realized that I couldn’t make up anything as strange as the actual events and times we live in. There is a line from the book The Man of LaMancha that goes. “When life itself seems lunatic who knows where madness really lies.” It really doesn’t matter if you are young or old, religious or secular, democrat or republican, conservative or liberal,…we are looking at crazy times. Times when passions are buildi…
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  • From the Mountaintop

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    The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation will be closed on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, this year remembered on January 18th. I must be honest and say I considered not closing our offices. Not because I didn’t want to honor his memory, but rather I didn’t want his birthday to be just another excuse to miss work. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy…Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” These words transcend the decades and are as relevant today as the day he spoke them. Our country is not perfect. We have not yet been to the mountain top. But we are gettin…
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  • The Ninth Night of Chanukah

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    Chanukah is upon us. You can already see the smiles on the faces of kids and grandparents, my two gauges of the holiday. But we all know that Chanukah is more than eight nights of presents, it’s more than potato latkes and jelly donuts. It’s a time to step back and reflect on the joys of living in a free society, the beauty of religious freedom. The power of moral conviction over evil forces. Today I learned a story I never knew. The story of Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds. Sgt. Edmonds was in a German prisoner of war camp during WW2. The German officer demanded that the sergeant identify and turn over any Jewish prisoners for “special relocation”.  Sgt. Edmonds said “no, we are all Jews.” He refused t…
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  • What do we hold dear?

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    I seem to be on overload from all of the sale ads I heard on Veterans Day. It seems like everything was on sale, cars and furniture, fashion and jewelry, technology and toys. There was only one item not on sale, in fact it has never been on sale, and that is the possession we hold dearest…our freedom. That is the one asset we paid for in full price with the blood and treasure of America's finest young men and women. It’s time we stopped looking at Veterans Day as a shopping experience and remember what really counts. It is a day to honor, a day to pay our respects, and a day to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those who serve in harm’s way. A day to proudly say G-d Bless America. I remember a story I heard about G…
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  • Foundation Fund Holders are Unique – Here’s Why

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    A recent study found that 1 in 5 philanthropic people believe their charitable gifts make a difference. If this is true, that means 80% of donors question whether they are accomplishing something with their generosity. I was thinking about this study when we held the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation’s (DJCF) Scholarship reception in May. What an evening; 38 students received awards from 26 scholarship endowment funds. During the reception, as well as before and after the event, not even one of our scholarship funders wondered whether their generosity made a difference. Not only were they committed to the Foundation’s programs; they were able to shake hands with the young person whose future they helped secure. Making …
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The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation continues to be very helpful in working together to meet the various philanthropic goals and desires that many of my clients have. Meyer Bodoff and his staff are very professional and continue to adapt…
Scott R. Cohen - Waldman Bros, CFP®, CFS®, CAP®
I have the privilege to serve as Chair of Create A Jewish Legacy, the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation's endowment and bequest initiative. That gives me the chance to collaborate with community partners and their donors to ask their const…
Stuart Prescott - Marsh & McLennan Agency Known Locally as Prescott Pailet Benefits
Our family philanthropic fund with the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation, which we established approximately 5 years ago, has provided us with the ability to plan and organize our charitable giving. First, it has allowed us to contribute t…
Dr. Harlan and Hannah Kay Pollock
The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation, particularly under the leadership of Meyer Bodoff, continues to stand out among community organizations. Most nonprofits, focus on the "how" or "way" donors can give. In my experience with Meyer and…
Todd S. Healy, MSW, CLU, ChFC, AEP - Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, HealyPartners
As I begin to write this testimonial to DJCF the realization strikes home that this is the 32nd anniversary of our family's Philanthropic Fund which was initiated in 1983. From our home in Waco, we have watched the Dallas Jewish Community F…
Dr. Stanley and Florence Hersh
We have enjoyed a terrific long-standing relationship with the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. Professionals and families need a trusted partner, not just one with the knowledge and skills to get the job done, but one with a "heart". …
Lenny Krasnow - M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation
My experiences with the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation as a practicing CPA as well as a lay volunteer have been very fulfilling. In my professional dealings with the Foundation staff, they exhibit a high degree of professionalism and r…
Sandy Kaufman - Stanford Kaufman & Associates
My experiences with The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation have only been positive. Meyer Bodoff and his staff may be the most compassionate and capable group of people assembled in the field of philanthropy in Dallas, TX. They never fail…
M. Alan Alspaugh, CLU, CAP® - Eagle Strategies, LLC
Our relationship with Dallas Jewish Community Foundation goes all the way back to its formation as a separate entity in 1999. We are very proud of this relationship and continue to enjoy watching the Foundation grow in size and stature as …
David Rosenberg - Thompson & Knight LLP
As an attorney (and CPA) who often represents families involved with complex tax and estate matters relating to wealth preservation and transfer strategies, it is reassuring to know that the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation is available a…
Josh O. Ungerman, P.C. - Partner, Meadows, Collier, Reed, Cousins, Crouch & Ungerman, L.L.P.

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